#SecurityUnion – Commission welcomes political agreement on new rules for #ExplosivePrecursors

| February 18, 2019

Member stateshave endorsed the agreement reached by the European Parliament and the Council on the Commission’s proposal to strengthen EU rules on explosive precursors. The reinforced rules will ensure stronger safeguards and controls on the sale of dangerous chemicals that can be misused for the production of home-made explosives.

Welcoming the agreement, Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos said: “In a Europe that protects, it is indispensable to restrict criminals’ and terrorists’ access to the means they use to hurt us. Homemade explosives, cooked from materials bought over the counter, have been used time and time again against our citizens. The new EU rules against explosives precursors will ban additional chemicals, tighten rules on online sales, and further restrict access to the general public. The agreement is yet another step in the right direction, towards a genuine and effective Security Union in Europe.”

Security Union Commissioner Julian King said: “Closing down the space in which terrorists operate includes depriving them of the means to harm us – and the political agreement will help tighten the controls around the kinds of home-made explosives which have been used to such deadly effect in attacks on European soil.”

The full press release is available online.


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