Taiwanese experts highlight the importance of #Taiwan democracy 

| March 12, 2019

On 6 March, the Centre for Russia Europe Asia Studies (CREAS) and Global Taiwan Institute (GTI) put on a panel event ‘Sharp Power: China’s growing influence in Europe, U.S. and Asia’, the first Brussels event to look specifically at this issue.

The expert panel consisted of Martin Hala (Sinopsis), Russel Hsiao (GTI) and I-Chung Lai (Prospect Foundation) as well as moderated by Theresa Fallon (CREAS). The panel gave insights on how China operates globally and what the EU, US and others should do in response. Martin Hala discussed China’s political propaganda system which uses political manipulation to infiltrate Central Europe, exaggerating the benefits of economic cooperation.

Lai used several concrete examples on how sharp power is exerted by China such as trying to influence Taiwan’s elections by disinformation to undermine the Taiwanese government’s credibility.

Hsiao concluded that China is waging an ideological war and Chinese leaders seek to impose their model of authoritarian capitalism on the world. We need to support legitimate democracies such as Taiwan.

Additionally, a seminar ‘Why Taiwan Matters’ was organized at  the European Parliament on 5 March. Cross-party MEPs and participants had fruitful discussions with Dr. Lai and Mr. Hsiao on Taiwan’s crucial role in regional security and its implications for the prospect of EU-Taiwan relations.


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