#EUTransportScoreboard shows progress on internal market low-emission mobility and road safety

| March 21, 2019

The European Commission has published this year’s edition of the ‘EU Transport Scoreboard’, a benchmark comparing how member states perform in 30 categories covering all aspects of transport. The goal of the Scoreboard is to help member states identify areas requiring priority investment and action.

It shows how the EU further deepens the progress towards a safer, cleaner and more efficient internal market in transport and promotes the shift towards low-emission mobility, two priorities of the Juncker Commission at the core of the Europe on the Move proposals and the Clean Planet for All. The Scoreboard shows improvements in road safety, the uptake of renewable energy in transport and the punctuality of shipments across the EU.

Sweden tops the Scoreboard with high scores in 15 categories, followed by the Netherlands and Austria. While they have different strengths, these countries all share a solid framework for investment, high transport safety levels, and a good record for implementing EU law. Publication of the scoreboard coincides with the publication of an update to the report on Transport in the EU: Current Trends and Issues.

More information about the scoreboard and the rankings are available here.


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