Second #Brexit vote would be ‘ultimate betrayal’ – Andrea Leadsom

| April 8, 2019

A second public vote on Britain’s membership of the European Union would be the “ultimate betrayal”, Andrea Leadsom (pictured), the leader of the House of Commons, wrote in the Sunday Telegraph newspaper (7 April), writes Costas Pitas.

“The ultimate betrayal would be a second referendum,” wrote Leadsom, a Brexiteer.

“It would require lengthy delay, it would reignite the divisive debate, and since Parliament has so far failed to follow the first result, there is no reason to believe it would honour a second referendum either.”

Lawmakers have rejected Prime Minister Theresa May’s negotiated agreement on Brexit with Brussels, and talks are underway with the opposition Labour Party to reach a compromise.

“The vision we had of Brexit is fading away – and we are running out of time to save it,” Leadsom said.


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