#Brexit – Is Hunt going for May’s job?: ‘We have to see what happens’

| May 21, 2019

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt (pictured) declined to say on Monday (20 May) whether he would run for Prime Minister Theresa May’s job, adding that the focus had to be on delivering Brexit, writes Tom Miles.

When asked by reporters in Geneva if he would confirm he was going to run to succeed May, he said: “We have to see what happens and they’ll be a time to discuss all those decisions that people make but right now the focus that people want from me and from everyone else in the Conservative Party is to get on and deliver Brexit.”

Asked if he would advocate a no-deal Brexit, Hunt said: “I would never advocate a no-deal Brexit, I think it would be immensely disruptive economically. And the truth is, no one quite knows what would happen in that scenario. But I think in a negotiation, you can’t take these options off the table.”


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