Italy’s #AGCOM sheds more light on advertising

| May 23, 2019

It’s a well-known fact that Italians and people living in Italy love gaming, with online gambling in its many forms proving to be a huge success over the years. Last summer’s World Cup betting and growing interest in global online gambling leaders such as PartyCasino and Betsson showcase just how successful online gambling in Italy has become. But with this rising trend, concerns have surfaced with reference to advertising. Therefore, AGCOM shedding more light on the subject has been particularly well received.

AGCOM, which stands for Autorita per le Garanzie nelle Comunicazioni, has laid out plans on how it will go about enforcing the country’s ban on advertising relating to gambling. The Dignity Decree was approved in July 2018, and this means that all direct and indirect advertising, promotional communications and sponsorship will now be prohibited. AGCOM hopes that this move will reduce gambling addiction rates, while subsequently helping to further protection efforts.

There will be ways for operators to communicate with their customers however, something which AGCOM have shed light on recently. Informative communications will be allowed, meaning that sporting odds, the prices of winning a game, jackpots, bonuses and minimum bets are all able to be communicated to the general public via Italian media sites. Those operating in the retail sector of the market will also be allowed to continue to display branding and information on products and offers in-store.

A concern AGCOM had in relation to the advertisement of gambling platforms was how many operators appeared in internet searches. They have looked to counteract this by limiting how much operators are able to appear in searches, with AGCOM suggesting that only when a search specifically made for gambling will they now appear. Licensees will also be prohibited from using any techniques such as SEO to boost their rankings with the likes of Google.

The ban on advertising in Italy came into play on 1 January this year, however the rules in relation to sports sponsorship won’t come into effect until 14 July. The reason for this is that many teams who displayed operator branding on their strips, or even around stadiums through advertise hoardings, had contracts in place with their respective sponsors. The 14 July date allows the contracts to come to their natural close, preventing any difficulties arising mid-season.

As well as the ban coming into play, there’s also been a series of tax hikes hitting the industry too. Online casino and bingo operators will now be taxed at 25% of their gross gaming revenue, while online sports betting will be taxed at 24% of gross gaming revenue. Sports betting operators active in the land-based sector will now have to pay 22% tax on gross revenue, with the same applied to virtual sports. Video lottery terminals and amusements with prizes have also seen hikes, to 6.75% and 18.85% respectively.

With AGCOM doing their best to shed more light on the situation, it will make the current and upcoming transitions a lot easier to understand and handle. Online gaming and gambling will of course remain hugely popular in Italy but there’s a continued hope that less gambling addictions will arise as a result of the changes.



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