Concerns raised in Austria over #MMVF

| February 12, 2020

Austrian state television ORF has recently published an article describing manmade vitreous fibres (MMVF), also known as mineral wool, as being “as carcinogenic as asbestos’, unrecyclable and not even suitable for incineration, but instead piling up on landfill sites, writes Martin Banks.

The ORF article claims that, like asbestos, it is carcinogenic. The piece adds that the price for using these mineral fibres as insulation material is “even higher than expected”.

ORF describes how, in their view, it cannot be practically recycled, resulting in “mountains of mineral wool, packed in dustproof sacks, that end up in the landfill”.

ORF go on to describe how the Hasenöhrl company in St.Pantaleon-Erla near Enns operates one of these landfills. According to the television stations news website, if one was to stack the mineral wool that was delivered last year alone, it would be a five-meter-high hill the size of a football field.

Rudolf Faltinger from the Hasenöhrl company is quoted by ORF, saying: “Tell wool has been installed everywhere for the past 30-40 years. And with every renovation measure, this mineral wool is produced.”

The ORF new website describes how decades-old mineral wool is carcinogenic like asbestos.

This means that it counts as hazardous waste, which has been packed and transported in its own dustproof bags in accordance with a 2017 law.

ORF also goes on to discuss the cost of disposing of the material, claiming it is three times as much as before. The article mentions that it cannot be burned because the mineral fibres would immediately move the filters of the waste incineration plants, leaving landfill as the only option.

A link to article is here: article 

EU Today has also published a report on the health risks of MMVF.


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