#Sassoli – Parliament prepared to go all the way and reject long-term budget if it does not have ambition EU needs 

| February 14, 2020

President Sassoli said: “The new long-term EU budget is the most important issue at the start of this legislature. The European Parliament supports an ambitious MFF because it is needed to finance the ambitious proposals that the European Commission has put forward. These proposals will boost growth and help tackle inequality in Europe. National governments support these aims but currently are not giving the EU the necessary means to achieve them.

“We want to reach an agreement with the Council, however if they refuse to move and accept Parliament’s positions then we will go all the way and reject the new long-term EU budget. These are not just abstract figures but have real consequences for the lives of all Europeans. How can we even think of cuts to such successful programmes as Erasmus+ or to measures designed to protect our borders?

“Becoming the first climate neutral continent requires unprecedented changes to our economies and our societies. We have to ensure that workers and those most affected by these changes are not forgotten. We cannot allow fighting climate change to lead to greater inequality. The current proposals for the Just Transition Fund are inadequate and must be strengthened if Parliament is to back an agreement.

“A well-funded EU budget is in the interest of all Europeans and all member states. We want to see genuine own resources to put the EU budget on a sustainable footing, rather than relying on funding solely from national governments.”


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