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Unlikely things that have happened in 2020



2020 has been a challenging year. Several things have happened, and it seems like a never-ending dream. The year began on a good note, but a few weeks into it, everything changed. A pandemic like one not witnessed in decades hit the world. The odds of winning a lottery are higher than the ending of strange occurrences this year.

This year has been full of unprecedented times. The new normal, as everyone likes to call it, is full of unlikely things. The world has shifted to home, and it's a year full of challenges and unparalleled courage.

Here are some unlikely things that have changed the course of the world forever this year.

The odds of winning a lottery is higher than pandemic ending

A novel coronavirus pandemic took the world in its clutch. It spread out across continents like wildfire, and several nations have collapsed because of the chaos created by this virus.

We lost a significant part of their population in this pandemic, and several countries went into a complete lockdown where people work from home. There was a severe restriction on movement, and only essential activities were allowed. The entire globe right now is fighting with this deadly virus and mourning the loss of their loved ones.

Coronavirus infection started in Wuhan in China and reached all places across the world via humans. It has caused a challenge for medical workers, as several cases are being reported each day.

This virus causes-

  • Fever
  • Breathing problems
  • Pneumonia
  • Loss of smell
  • Dry cough and several other symptoms.

People with comorbid conditions have lost their life fighting with this virus. Truly said, the odds of winning a lottery are higher this year than the chances of this pandemic ending.

Australian wildfires

At the beginning of this year, there was an outbreak of wildfires in the Australian subcontinent. This was one of the worst fire seasons Australia has ever seen. The flames destroyed 47 million acres of land. Houses of people were displaced, and several reports have shown that at least 35 people lost their lives in these deadly wildfires.

Death of legends

The world mourned the death of several legends that have had a remarkable impact in several fields.

  • We lost Kobe Bryant in a  helicopter crash in California. He was regarded as one of the greatest basketball players of all time.
  • This year we also goodbye to Alex Trebek. She was regarded as the best game show host of all time. Alex passed away from pancreatic cancer.
  • The wonderful James bond actor Sean Connery was also another legend we lost this year.
  • The black panther, Hero Chad Boseman, lost his battle with colon cancer. It was a massive loss for the Marvel universe and for the community who he always inspired.
  • We lost several Bollywood celebrities that include Irrfan Khan, Rishi Kapoor, and Sushant Singh Rajput. It has been a tough year for Bollywood.

Oil prices reached a negative

For the first time in several years, oil prices reached a negative. This has been the highest fall of predicted crude oil prices. The coronavirus pandemic changed several world economies, and the low demand seriously impacted the oil sector, which was always in high demand.

The stock market crash of 2020

The stock market crashed like never before. The pandemic caused a global recession in all economies around the globe. The single point drop was the worst the world has ever seen, and several major businesses and economies close down because of the never-ending pandemic.

Massive black lives matter protest

The death of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor in the United States triggered a series of protests. The protests aimed to fight racial injustice and to promote the end of police brutality.

Central Beirut explosion

Hundreds of people died in an explosion in Lebanon. Beirut saw a heartbreaking blast that left the entire city in rubble. The blast was heard miles away from the side, and it destroyed the whole town in its wake.

Cancellation of 2020 Olympics

The 2020 Olympic games were cancelled for the coronavirus pandemic. Tokyo was all set to host this year's Olympic Games, but the rising number of cases caused the Olympic games' shift to the summer of 2021.

Locust attacks

An invasion of crop-destroying locusts was seen in the South Asian subcontinent, predominantly in India and Pakistan. Enormous, aggressive swarms of insects invaded extensive farmlands and destroyed crops.


The world has seen several bizarre events in 2020. It is a year that has tested our resilience and given us a long time of suffering. We hope that the world sees collective peace and recovers from 2020.

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Will mobile gaming continue to thrive in 2021?



(Image via

Mobile phone gaming has never been so good. The games now on offer are more advanced than ever before, as are the phones we’re able to play them on. As a result, a large part of the world’s population is putting more energy into gaming on their mobile phone devices than ever before.

Many experts and gaming fans didn’t think mobile gaming would stand the test of time, particularly with the newly released Playstation 5 coming out. Surely the more sophisticated and graphically advanced games that a console of that type can host appeals more than playing a smartphone game with clear and obvious limitations? Apparently not. In fact, mobile gaming looks like it is very much here to not only survive but also thrive in 2021 and beyond.

Of course, for some, mobile gaming is simply incomparable to console gaming of any kind. In contrast, for others, the realisation that mobile phone gaming is here to stay is becoming a very real one. But why is this? Why is mobile gaming expected to kick on further in 2021? Here are a few reasons as to why.

Gaming on the go

Virtually everyone on the planet has a mobile phone these days, therefore opening up an array of entertainment possibilities in the process. Gaming on a phone is one of them as you have access to a comprehensive selection of games within a matter of seconds. The games on offer are diverse too, from the likes of blackjack online at to brain teaser creations, coupled with more graphically advanced games like Fortnite PUBG Mobile. Then there’s augmented reality releases like Pokemon Go, too. These are the type of games which can be picked up and put down with ease. Console gaming, on the other hand, requires much more of a commitment. The games are generally a lot tougher, which, as a result, could put casual gamers off. Mobile games can be enjoyed on the go, while on the bus or on your lunch break. There’s a mobile phone game for an array of audiences too, opening gaming on a phone up to the masses.

Console-quality titles

Thanks to the continued advancements made with our mobile phone devices, the games we now have at our disposal are better than ever. Gaming options of old used to be with the likes of Tetris and Snake; now we’re inundated with releases on a weekly basis as games developers look to crack what is a humongous market. So much so, in fact, that many games companies make sure they release the mobile version of games simultaneously with the PC and console versions of games, once again highlighting the influence mobile phone gaming has had on the overall gaming landscape. On top of this, the gaming experience on a mobile device has improved dramatically also, with joysticks and VR headsets being used to help get the best out of specific mobile creations.

(Image via

Cheap and free games

Console gaming isn’t cheap. When you factor in the cost of a console before even adding up the cost of purchasing a few games to go with it, it could be argued that it’s extortionate. In fact, many people have strayed away from console gaming for this very reason, especially when they realise they can get their gaming fix from their smartphone. All you need is access to Appstore or Google Play, and you’re good to go, with the option of trying out a whole host of creations without spending any money at all. Most mobile games are either cheap or completely free, therefore making them accessible to all.

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London businesses call for swift action to safeguard Eurostar's future



London’s business leaders have written to the government asking it to ensure that the green gateway to Europe is safeguarded. A copy of the letter is published below.


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The best of 5G is yet to come  



Executives from leading mobile operators have urged consumers to be patient with 5G, explaining more advanced capabilities and use cases will become available as the technology evolves.

Speaking at the recent industry conference CES 2021, Drew Blackard, VP of product management at Samsung Electronics America (SEA), told a panel that many current services including video streaming are merely “better on 5G”.

But he added more advanced “only-on-5G experiences” will become mainstream “more and more as the infrastructure develops” and the technology becomes more widely used.

Blackard noted SEA had “done a lot of development with partners to build out what these can look like”, pointing to a collaboration with AT&T to offer AR experiences for sports fans.

Ice Mobility chairman and co-founder Denise Gibson added “there is an element of patience” to realising 5G’s potential.

She said 5G “is a platform that will evolve”, explaining “it’s not solely about” geographic reach, but also provision of advanced capabilities and services on networks and devices.

Blackard added “partnerships are obviously essential”, noting 5G required “a group, an industry to bring that forward. It’s not a single player that can do that”.

Commenting on the issue Abraham Lui, Huawei's Chief Representative to the EU Institutions,  said  "In Europe, the best of 5G is yet to come. As 5G deployment gathers pace across the continent, users will appreciate the benefits of this game-changing technology in the near future".

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