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Gambling In Europe




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The online casino gaming market is thriving with a wide variety of gaming options and regulations across the globe. Experts believe the revenue could reach $107.3 billion by 2024 and 138.1 billion by 2028.

Europe is one of the largest online gaming markets, with 68% of gamers playing on mobile devices. Sports wagering has remained an integral part of European culture since ancient times.

However, the industry has evolved massively from golden the days of gladiatorial fight wagering. Nowadays, people wager online from the comfort of their coaches. 

European Gambling Market Size

Experts say 25 European countries have a competitive gambling market. The other four maintain a monopoly system. Research by the staff of BonusFinder Ireland also revealed some of the best casino bonuses in Ireland.

In 2022, Europe’s GDR peaked at $117.5 billion, with Italy leading among the most popular gambling destinations. The U.K. is also among the most lucrative gambling locations, having reported a gross gambling yield of $17.8 billion in 2022.

Popular European Gambling Habits

Casino gaming is intricately woven into many popular activities in Europe since it was a deeply rooted pastime in its history. Many tourists visit Europe to see land casinos like the vibrant gambling scene in Prague and the glitzy casinos of Bratislava.

With Prague being Europe’s party capital, it’s unsurprising that it hosts the second-largest number of casinos in a European city. It has a combination of thrilling entertainment, lavish games, and memorable nights out.


These gambling hubs often feature over 1,000 slot machines, 95 table games, and six casino hotels. Apart from casinos, restaurants, bars, and clubs, there is plenty to see and do, ranging from shooting machine guns to driving tanks!

The Rise of Online Gambling in Europe

Most European casinos have physical gaming stations and online studios. Online gambling in Europe is so popular that it contributed to 49.2% of the global online gambling market in 2018. 

Some factors that have contributed to the immense popularity of online wagering and gambling in Europe include:

1. Enhanced internet accessibility

Most European countries have widespread access to fast and reliable internet. This enables the population to easily access a variety of online casino websites and wager on their favourite games.

2. Surge in mobile gaming

Most Europeans own smartphones and are open to trying out mobile gaming. They don’t have to access gambling sites via a computer, as they can conveniently wager using their mobile phones. Online casinos have also developed user-friendly mobile apps optimised for smartphones, making it easy for most people to wager online. 

3. Lenient gambling laws

European countries have favourable regulatory frameworks for online gambling. These regulations boost consumer confidence and stimulate market growth. They also make Europe stand out as one of the most secure gaming scenes in the world.

4. Technological advancements

European online gambling experiences are also enriched by numerous technological advancements in the tech space. Some technologies that are changing the industry include Augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and live dealer games.

These innovations have enhanced the level of interaction and immersion in various games. This has resulted in heightened engagement and more uptake of online gambling across the region.

5. Cross-border operations

The European Union’s policy of free movement of services has massively facilitated the uptake of online gambling across Europe. Operators licensed in one EU member state can seamlessly offer their services to gamblers in other member nations. This is one of the reasons why online casinos in Europe enjoy a massive and diverse customer base. 

6. A diverse range of gaming options

Europeans enjoy a huge selection of online gambling options, ranging from bingo, poker, and casino games to sports wagering. This diversity means that casinos can cater to players with varied preferences. They can wager on their favourite games, resulting in enhanced overall market participation.

7. Marketing and advertising

Online gambling operators in Europe employ a wide range of effective marketing and advertising strategies that have resulted in enhanced market growth. These include sponsorships, appealing promotions, and targeted marketing campaigns, all of which influence the gambling habits of European citizens.      

Future Outlook

According to research by the staff at BonusFinder Ireland, most games in European casinos are almost similar. However, the locations offer more activities than casino gaming, which heavily influences the gaming habits of various patrons.

Those looking for a convenient gaming experience largely prefer to gamble online. It’s one of the most convenient ways to place various wagers. Therefore, the online gambling market is expected to continue growing in Europe.


Gambling is growing in popularity today, especially in Europe. It’s deeply rooted in European culture and is unlikely to go anywhere. Out of 29 European countries, 25 have a strong market and favourable conditions to support casino gaming.

Whilst land-based casinos still receive a significant number of tourists, gamers now prefer playing online. Mobile gaming is the most convenient, easily accessible, and fast way to access your favourite casino games.  

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