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The Red Sea Beckons: Dive into Adventure in Egypt




Imagine floating through glistening waters surrounded by a rainbow of hues and marine life. It makes diving vacations in Egypt so alluring. A trip down into the Red Sea’s underwater paradise, where stunning scenery and historical significance collide. See our in-depth guide to Egypt for more information on organising the dive trip of a lifetime. Come with us as we explore Egypt’s aquatic treasures and discover the enchantment that awaits us below the surface.

Directions and Ports of Departure

Divers often arrive at international airports via Egyptair or other airlines in Marsa Alam (RMF), Sharm el-Sheikh (SSH), or Hurghada (HRG). You can also travel to Cairo and take a domestic flight to reach your final destination. Liveaboards leave from Sharm El-Sheik, Port Ghalib, and Hurghada.

Popular Dive Sites in Egypt:

Let’s go into more detail about the well-known dive spots in Egypt, each with its own charm and attraction. The World War II wreck, SS Thistlegorm, lies inside the sea and offers a spooky window into the past with its military hardware and vehicles preserved in stone. Bright coral gardens and marine life, including colourful coral fish, sea turtles, and occasionally reef sharks, draw divers to Ras Mohammed National Park. Following that are the Brothers Islands, a secluded haven in the middle of the ocean where divers can experience their fantasy experiences of hammerhead sharks and magnificent manta rays.

Brother Islands


These isolated islands, including Big Brother and Small Brother, are well-known for their rich marine life, colourful coral formations, and striking underwater scenery. Vibrant coral gardens brim with aquatic life; the deep waters around the Brothers draw pelagic species like grey reef sharks, hammerheads, and oceanic whitetip sharks. Exhilarating drift dives are available at the Brothers, where excellent visibility and strong currents await. 

Only from a liveaboard can one dive the Brother Islands. You should budget for a full day of diving there (three dives), as boats are not permitted to anchor there for the night.

SS Thistlegorm

The SS Thistlegorm is a well-known wreck that divers worldwide like. Thistlegorm, a British container ship destroyed in World War II, contains a time vault of wartime relics, including munitions and motorcycles. Since it was submerged in 1941, this intriguing wreck has drawn divers because of its abundant marine life and rich history. Fish schools swim among the skeleton remnants, and the boat is decorated with coral growth. Discovering the Thistlegorm is an enthralling voyage through time that combines marine biodiversity and history in the pristine Red Sea waters to produce an unmatched diving experience.


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Hurghada is one of the most well-liked and conveniently located locations. Divers of all skill levels may enjoy a complete diving adventure in the popular town. Hurghada’s coastline offers easy access to many dive spots, offering exciting opportunities to see schools of aquatic creatures, rays, and maybe a turtle. You can swim with dolphins and dive into magnificent, hard coral gardens from a boat.

Elphinstone Reef

Elphinstone, well-known for its sheer walls that drop into a deep blue chasm, provides divers of all experience levels with an exhilarating dive. The colourful coral gardens that envelop the plateau present an array of aquatic creatures, ranging from frolicking turtles and dolphins to migratory species such as sharks. Because of its advantageous location, tigers, hammerheads, and oceanic whitetip sharks can be encountered there. Elphinstone, which attracts snorkelers with diving spectacle due to its strong currents and good visibility, is a top choice for those looking for breathtaking marine experiences in the centre of the Red Sea. 

Fury Shoals

Fury Shoals, formed by a collection of colourful coral reefs and complex underwater environments, is well known for its rich biodiversity. Sataya Reef is located here, and dolphin visibility is guaranteed to blow your mind. Claudia is a stunning maze beneath the surface. Abu Galawa is an expansive offshore reef featuring numerous dive spots. A small and a large wreck can be found here, but the towering hard corals are the most striking feature of this underwater mountain. Several varieties layered upon one another, resembling a jungle with corals. Because of the ideal visibility, everything appears incredibly dramatic and strange.

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