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Who Has The Best Squad In The Euros?




The Euros are now upon us and personally, I can’t contain my excitement. The big names and the big nations are all gearing up for what should be a great tournament and hopefully, someone other than France wins! As the clock ticks away, it’s time for the speculation of who will win and who will be the best player to become the main topic of conversation and this is where I come in. I personally love the pre-tournament speculation and looking at the teams and who their best players are before making a decision based on the odds for Euro 2024 betting and picking my winner. 


I feel like starting with the hosts of the tournament is fitting because home-field advantage could play a factor. This current Germany team is filled with great players and has a great young manager who has succeeded in all of his jobs which led to him getting the national team role. 

Best Player

One of the things about Germany is the young talent they have, they feel like one of the best countries for producing talent in the world and even their women’s squad is in a stage now where the younger players are taking the team by the scruff of the neck and pushing them on, even with the women’s team not winning their latest final against England, you can tell its a good time to be a young German player. The star player for Germany will most likely be Jamal Musiala who seems to be spearheading their young generation.

Chances of Winning

For the German fans reading this, it might be time to turn away because I don’t think Germany has what it takes to win the whole tournament. It feels like the national setup is in two minds and split between an older generation and a younger generation, for some nations they have a good balance but Germany has been struggling. 


England feels like a team that should be winning tournaments by now, their young players are entering their prime and the older players they have are some of the best in their positions, with Harry Kane being the prime example.

Best Player

For England’s best player, I could easily pick 4 players and this speaks to the strength of the squad that they bolster. One of the things about England that has been missing is world class players in multiple positions and now with Jude Bellingham, Phil Foden and Harry Kane all being the best players in each of their leagues. Each of these players could be the best player in the tournament, 


Chance of Winning

This is actually a very hard decision to make, as a part of me feels that they have what it takes but we have also been saying this for six years now and will probably continue until it happens. I would say that England has the best chance of winning and if they can get revenge against France for the World Cup then it should be plain sailing. 


The obvious choice for winning and probably the best national team of the last 10 years, France have been dominating the tournament since 2016, with nearly every major tournament featuring the French team.

Best Player

Unlike the other two teams we mentioned, the best player for France is obvious, with Kylian Mabppe being arguably the best player in the world. This could be a critique of France, if Mbappe doesn’t perform, could they still win? Probably yes but the speculation is a very fun thing. 

Chance of Winning

I feel like my judgment of France may seem clouded and that’s because I do think they will win it. I think the winner of England Vs France in the Semi Finals will show the winner and as much as I would prefer it to be England, I think my heart leans towards France. 

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