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Martin SCHULZ, EP President, Luuk van MIDDELAAR, Philippe de SCHOUTHEETEThought you knew everything about Europe? Think again! The European Parliament has selected 100 books, studies and academic works that offer insight in the philosophy behind the European project. The aim of the list featuring authors from all over Europe is to present the ideas and people behind European integration, which may also help to find solutions to the challenges Europe is facing now. The list is available on a dedicated website which can be searched in various ways.

The EP hosted on 3 March an event with authors and experts to discuss important books that help understand European integration. EP president Martin Schulz stressed the importance of books at the event: “We are still in a storm. In a storm, ships need captains and captains need compasses. In Europe, books are the captains’ compasses.”

The website on 100 books on Europe offers a selection of books and studies on European integration. Books can be searched by author, title, language and publication date.

For more information:

Welcome word by Martin Schulz

List of all books (several languages)

List of books available in English




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