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Life Expectancy of Kazakh Citizens Increases




Life expectancy of Kazakh citizens at birth reached 75.09 years in 2023, marking the highest figure recorded in the past 25 years, the Bureau of National Statistics reported on April 25.

During the pandemic in 2020-2021, this indicator dropped after a prolonged upward trend, and then recovered again.

People living in urban areas tend to have a higher life expectancy compared to those in rural areas, with figures standing at 75.73 years and 74.02 years, respectively.

Women’s life expectancy grew to 79.06 years, while men’s expectancy reached 70.99 years.

Almaty city recorded the highest life expectancy at birth of 78.28 years, whereas the Ulytau Region registered the lowest figure of 72.41 years.

Life expectancy at birth indicates the average number of years a person from a particular generation is expected to live if mortality rates at each age remain constant over their lifetime.


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