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Ambassador's Corner

Ambassador's corner: H.E. Aigul Kuspan of Kazakhstan

Feature article



The first in a series of conversations with various countries' ambassadors to the EU.

EU Reporter's Tori Macdonald speaks with Kazakhstan's Chief Representative to Belgium, Luxembourg, the EU and NATO, Aigul Kuspan.

The discussion begins with a reflection how the relations between Kazakhstan and their partners have evolved over the course of this year. Kuspan talks about the progress and many new beginnings that have formed despite the disruptive nature of 2020. The focus then turns towards Kazakhstan and how they have been managing the COVID-19 outbreak nationally as well as their participation in the global collective effort.

Looking towards the future, Kazakh eyes are firmly fixed towards the upcoming parliamentary elections in January 2021. Kuspan sheds some light on the motives of President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev regarding key areas such as political reform and climate change. Furthermore, reflecting on the current challenges faced by the country and formulating an action plan to tackle these issues.

Lastly, Kuspan addresses her Brussels' based Embassy's aims for the new year as well as highlighting their diplomatic efforts in the last few months.