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Armenian propaganda claims of genocide in Karabakh are not credible




According to CNN & the NY Times, so far, 95% of all deaths in Karabakh were military. No country engaging militants in an urban area have a lower military-to-civilian-death ratio. Of course each civilian life is sacred, but if 10 accidental civilian deaths in Karabakh is considered a “genocide” then technically, there are 6 genocides taking place in Chicago over any given weekend. You can't just throw around “genocide” every time you're displeased with the outcome of a military operation.” That was written by senior White House correspondent Jake Turx. His real name is Abraham Jacob Terkeltaub, he is a brilliant Jewish journalist working for different outlets, including the conservative publication Newsmax, writes James Wilson.

Why the emphasis on his heritage? Because a week ago, 120 European rabbis wrote a letter to the Israeli President asking him to exert his influence on the Armenian government to stop using the expressions related to the horrors of the Holocaust to describe regional political conflicts. “Terms like “ghetto,” “genocide,” and “holocaust” belittle the “terrible suffering experienced by the victims of the horrific Holocaust and the Jewish people at large,” the letter said, noting that in an interview in July, the Armenian PM Pashinyan said that Azerbaijan, with which Armenia has had a long and bloody dispute over land, “created a ghetto, in the most literal meaning of the word” in Karabakh. 

The Jews know the true meaning of “genocide” and “ethnic cleansing”: their whole history is a bloodcurdling trip from one attempt to exterminate them to another. They do not trivialise the suffering of their kin and do not plan to let others use their pain. 

No one is trying to downplay the suffering of the Armenians in Karabakh, but the context is everything. The separatist enclave established on Azerbaijani soil violated the peace agreement: there were to be no armed personnel in the area, except for Russian “peacekeepers”. However, the unrecognised separatists not only had 5,000 strong paramilitary units, but were also armed to the teeth. According to several sources, including aerial footage, they had heavy weaponry: tanks, APCs, mortars, artillery. As Israeli Begin-Sadat think tank points out, one of the targets hit by the Azerbaijani UAVs was an expensive SA-15 Gauntlet system, which costs at least $20 million. Thus, it turns out that Azerbaijan’s claims that the separatists were using the humanitarian corridor from Armenia to deliver weapons turned out to be true. The so called “blockade”, which the Armenian side called “genocide” and “creation of a ghetto” is the responsibility of the separatists leaders, who were preparing for war and demonstrably failing to care for their own people.  

Leaving aside the fact that the Russian “peacekeepers” were supposed to stop them, they simply did not. So the Azerbaijani army had no choice — no country can tolerate 5,000 armed separatists blowing up civilian vehicles with landmines on its own territory. 

No “genocide” took place, no “ethnic cleansing» happened. And the former ICC judge Moreno-Ocampo, hired by the “government” of the unrecognised enclave, was simply fabricating claims in his dubious “report on genocide in Karabakh”. As a Ukrainian specialist on hybrid warfare Yevhen Mahda pointed out in his article in El Mundo, Moreno-Ocampo’s assessment “was widely reported in the global media, creating a corresponding information backdrop ahead of the UN Security Council meeting on August 16. It was held at Armenia's request to discuss the situation in Karabakh. An attentive observer will understand that the UN Security Council is currently unable to make any binding decisions. However, raising the issue in New York brings it to the attention of the world”. Mahda stressed that this is clearly a “modus operandi of Russian intelligence services. They closely observe relevant professional circles, identify vulnerable individuals, and then make them tempting offers. In this way, Kremlin narratives are disseminated into the information space of the developed world, put forward by figures with a past reputation.”Moreno-Ocampo’s “report”, despite being trashed by a genuine expert — Rodney Dixon — was used by US Senator Bob Menendez to criticise Azerbaijan. This was the sole purpose of this report.  

But this is now history. Will there be a “genocide” in Karabakh after the militants are eliminated? According to the Armenian prime minister, who is an expert on ghettos: “At this moment, our assessment is that there is no direct threat to the civilian population of Nagorno-Karabakh”, he said on 21 September. He added that ceasefire was being maintained despite multiple anonymous reports of “atrocities” and “concentration camps for Armenians” in Karabakh.  Pashinyan also refuted fake news about “attempts to block the exit” from the enclave by Azerbaijanis, noting that Armenia is ready to repatriate all those willing to leave Karabakh. 


There are still other foreign forces that are trying in every possible way to frighten the local Armenian population into panic. The French media, for example, are tirelessly pelting readers with stories about “military professionals” (read — militants) going rogue to “continue our fight until the very end’. Interestingly, these heroic figures are completely uninterested in the fate of the women, children and elderly around them, and make no mention of attempts to facilitate their safe removal from the areas where they plan to take their last stand. It can be surmised that the death of civilians might be one of the unspoken goals of this bunch, for with their corpses conveniently at hand the “heroes” would finally be able to spell the term “genocide” which they are misusing inappropriately and inaccurately.

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