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'No ultimatums' from coalition, Italy's PM Draghi says




Mario Draghi, the Italian prime minister, makes a statement about the Ukraine crisis in Rome (Italy) on 24 February, 2022.

Mario Draghi, the Italian prime minister, said on Tuesday (12 July) that he would resign if the 5-Star Movement leaves his coalition. He also asked for support from other parties to stop launching "ultimatums to his government."

Giuseppe Conte, former prime minister and leader of 5-Stars, presented a list last week of policy demands to continue supporting the government. He threatened to quit if Draghi did not enact a number of measures.

This week's crucial vote of confidence in the Senate will be on a stimulus package that will help families and businesses cope with the energy crisis. It is not clear if the 5-Star will vote to leave the coalition or participate.

On Monday (11 July), the party stepped up the stakes and decided not to vote for the decree in the lower house.

After meeting with trade union representatives, Draghi stated that many of his policy priorities for the 5-Star Movement were similar to those of the government. However, he warned against constant demands from coalition partners.

Draghi stated that if 5-Star withdraws from the country, Draghi would not accept to continue as prime minister.


Matteo Salvini of the Rightist League, who is the largest party in Draghi’s coalition, also stated last June that he would decide whether to stay in September.

Draghi stated that his cabinet would implement a minimum wage as one of the five-Star's main demands. He also promised to reduce taxes on wages.

Conte, the leader of 5-Star, summoned senior party figures to meet Wednesday at 8.30 AM (0630 GMT) in order to present his position on the measures that the government had discussed with unions. A statement was released.

Since January, the government approved measures in excess of €33 billion ($33.22 trillion) to protect the economy from rising energy prices and rising prices. Draghi stated that another decree will be passed with new assistance at the end July.

Draghi stated that "We must support employment and address inequalities which are worsening at the moment, and we must protect pensions and wages."

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