#DublinRegulation: Conservative Party urges to make the EU’s rules on asylum work better

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Timothy-Kirkhope-MEP-ECR-UKThe European Commission has put forward on 6 April two possible visions for the future of the EU’s Dublin regulation, which determines where asylum applications should be made.

One vision is a complete overhaul of the system which would see automatic and mandatory redistribution of applicants around the EU. The other vision broadly fits with a proposal put forward by European Conservatives and Reformists group home affairs spokesman Timothy Kirkhope MEP (UK), which says that the principles underpinning Dublin should remain the same, with better implementation and assistance for those countries on the front line.

The European Commission has also published a set of broadly welcome proposals aimed at preventing so-called ‘Secondary Movement’ of refugees and migrants within the EU.

Kirkhope said: “The Dublin system stopped working because countries stopped applying the rules. The European Commission has proposed one way forward that is viable and another which is aspirational but frankly not going to happen. We need to show that we have learnt from the mistakes made by forcing through the emergency relocation mechanism. An effective Dublin system needs to ensure the integrity of the Schengen area whilst supporting the work of Frontex to deliver a stronger external border control.

“Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel we need the system that we have in place to work more effectively, with clarity on states’ responsibilities and support for those facing the largest number of arrivals. Between now and the detailed proposals from the European Commission we need to see governments and parliaments making it clear that a better implementation of the current system is the only option available to stabilise the crisis.”

Regarding the proposals aimed at preventing Secondary Movement, Kirkhope added:

“The commission is right to send out a strong signal that asylum seekers cannot move freely across Europe. Refuge is intended to protect people from persecution and death, and the system will never work if refugees keep moving back to the one or two countries of their choice. All EU countries are considered safe and so any EU country participating in the scheme is a suitable place for a genuine refugee to take shelter.”


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