Statement by President Donald Tusk on the situation in #Poland

“Yesterday I contacted President Andrzej Duda to suggest an urgent meeting to discuss the political crisis in our country and its dangerous consequences for Poland’s standing on the world stage. It falls to us, together, to avert bleak outcomes which could ultimately lead to the marginalization of Poland in Europe.

“We view the proposals put forward today by the party of government differently. It is my belief that its most recent actions go against European values and standards and risk damaging our reputation. They transport us – in the political sense – in time and in space: backwards and eastwards. The President most certainly thinks otherwise. But not even the deepest differences can absolve us from our duty to work together for the good and safety of our mother country.

“The European Union is not just about money and procedures. It is first and foremost about values and high standards for public life. That is why such a wave of criticism is currently being directed from Europe and the entire West towards the government. It has been a long time since Poland has been so talked about, and not for a very long time has the talk been so negative. We may be able to stem this dangerous tendency, but it will require dialogue, a willingness to talk and swift decisions which are, for the people of Poland, positive.

“Bringing judges under the control of the governing party in the manner proposed by the Law and Justice Party (PiS) ruins an already tarnished public opinion of Polish democracy. We must therefore find a solution which is acceptable to the Polish public, to the parliamentary majority and to the opposition, to the President and to the European Union. I know that is no easy feat. It will require concessions, mutual respect and a little trust. It is not easy, but it can be done. But we do not have much time.

“The situation, including at international level, is really serious. And that is why I am asking for serious measures and serious partners. Please let us try, Mr President.”

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