‘No-deal’ #Brexit preparedness: European Commission takes stock of preparations and provides practical guidance to ensure co-ordinated EU approach

| April 12, 2019

The European Commission has taken stock of the European Union’s intense Brexit ‘no-deal’ preparations and has issued practical guidance to member states in five areas: citizens’ residence and social security entitlements, data protection, medicine and medical devices, police and judicial co-operation in criminal matters, and fisheries.

The aim of the guidance is to ensure the smooth practical implementation of EU and national contingency measures, if the United Kingdom were to leave the EU without a deal on 12 April, or at a later date, and to maintain a co-ordinated approach throughout any such ‘no-deal’ phase. A ‘no-deal’ withdrawal will cause disruption and is not desirable, but the EU is fully prepared for it.

press release and a series of factsheets are available online.


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