Rags to riches: A goldmine in #DisusedUndergroundStations

| June 12, 2019
A simple calculation drawn on an entrepreneur’s sitting room wall may be about to make Ajit Chambers one of the richest men in the United Kingdom.
In 2009 the UK based swiss banker Ajit Chambers created a business plan with a marker pen on his sitting room wall showing how to make tourist attractions out of abandoned London tube stations.
With 26 disused stations included in his 60 year plan, and assuming each produced a minimum of £2 million a year, a simple calculation shows a £3.1 billion project value.

Ajit Chambers en-route to meeting at Mayor’s office

Chambers designed a bespoke methodology for London Tourism that led no.10 Downing Street to name him as ‘one of the 15 entrepreneurs to watch in the UK’ however after Transport for London attempted to appropriate his work and use their own company to deliver it,  Chambers filed pre-action against Transport for London  in 2018 – claiming Boris Johnson’s malfeasance in public office.

Whilst Boris Johnson himself has described Chambers as indefatigable, – a word meaning a person who persists tirelessly, unlikely to be stopped,  Chambers’ undisclosed damages claim against Transport for London has flocked investors from around the world to his High Court Lawsuit.


“My favourite investor turned up in a zip car, despite being a billionaire he asked me if he had to stay longer as his car was going to cost him another £9,” said Chambers.


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