#Bristol is still one of the best for business

| September 21, 2019

When we think of cities in terms of business, investment and economic credentials, the ones that immediately come to mind include London, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow and Newcastle. There is no doubt these places are well suited for business, with some even making the case that cities like Manchester having the real potential of deposing London as the number one city in the UK, writes Colin Stevens. 

In fact, cities like Manchester are indeed growing at fantastic rate and the standard of living is much more affordable. This is subsequently drawing top brands and talent, which is reflected in thousands of jobs available in Manchester

Therefore, it´s no surprise to see cities such as London and Manchester get mentioned ahead of Bristol when it comes to cities which are best for business. But it may come as a shock to many, to learn this South West city is more than capable of holding its own. And is growing in stature year on year. 

Bristol, which has a population exceeding 460,000, has proven itself to have the talent and innovation needed to establish itself as one of the most forward-thinking cities in the whole of the UK. These attributes, combined with a highly skilled workforce has seen increases in both productivity and economic growth, putting Bristol firmly on the map.

The business sector in Bristol is diverse, and this is another reason why it’s able to find itself compared to the likes of Glasgow and Liverpool. From environmental technologies through to financial services, there’s a place for every business type. The companies within the city are strengthened by a workforce which sees over 50% educated to degree level and above, which is another reason for Bristol’s tag as one of the best places for business in the United Kingdom right now.

Digital tech is trending right now, and there are cities aplenty in the UK trying to get in on the act. London is undoubtedly the place to be for digital tech, but when removing the capital from the conversation, it’s Bristol which is amongst the front runners, turning over more than £8 billion per year.

Bristol more than holds its own as a UK media hub too, perhaps surprisingly to some. Only London and Manchester fare better at the time of writing, with Bristol now playing home to both the BBC and Channel 4. As a city on the up, it won’t be surprising if more TV and media companies follow suit by heading to Bristol in the future.

While Bristol is one of the best for business now, there are also plans in place for this to be the case years down the line too, with targets in mind that will see Bristol through until at least 2050. The One City Plan is looking to decarbonize Bristol for example, and with this will come investment opportunities for both infrastructure and energy firms.

There is, of course, the Temple Quarter to bear in mind in Bristol too. This project will not only provide thousands of new homes and turn Bristol University into an even better campus, but there will be over 20,000 new jobs created, as well as business opportunities aplenty. It’s one of the most significant regeneration projects to take place in the whole of the United Kingdom and again shows why Bristol is in the same conversation as the likes of Manchester and Liverpool. It is testament to the forward-thinking attitude of the council and local government, with everyone determined for Bristol to keep on thriving in all areas for many years to come. 


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