#OceanWeek2020 – Seven days of events, discussions and activities in Brussels and beyond

| January 24, 2020

Overfishing, pollution, acidification, warming – our precious ocean and the life that calls it home are now more at risk than ever before.

Ocean Week 2020 is seven days of events, discussions and activities in Brussels and beyond that will put the spotlight on the huge threats faced by marine species and habitats, while offering real solutions on how to solve them. We need thriving biodiversity in our oceans to support life on earth.

The ocean makes up 70% of the world’s surface, acts as a vital carbon sink, regulates the weather and produces half of the oxygen we breathe. Europe has the power to lead in its protection and restoration.

Ocean Week 2020 is brought to you by BirdLife Europe, ClientEarth, Oceana, Seas at Risk, Surfrider Foundation Europe and WWF, and takes place 3-9 February 2020.  All events are free and include film screenings, art exhibitions, talks and presentations from global experts, a climate march for the ocean, and so much more. Special guests include European Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries, Virginijus Sinkevičius, and Member of the European Parliament and Chair of the EP Committee on Regional Development, Younous Omarjee.

For the full calendar of events, please click here.

Bruna Campos, Senior Marine Policy Officer, BirdLife Europe: “Most people remember the “dolphin free” tuna cans. Animals going extinct because they are bycaught in fishing lines or nets is old news. Unsustainable fishing is driving seabirds, whales, sharks, sea turtles, corals and many more animals towards extinction. We can change this, but this means real action on the ground.”

ClientEarth lawyer Flaminia Tacconi said: “Healthy oceans are essential for a healthy planet. To have healthy oceans, we need to implement existing fisheries laws and properly enforce them. Controlling fisheries activities and punishing rule breakers is essential to ensure that policy commitments and objectives for a more sustainable fishing practice are applied.”

Nicolas Fournier, Policy Advisor at Oceana Europe: “Existential threats to life in oceans and seas are growing due to climate change and other human activities that impact our marine environment, even invisibly to many like deep-sea plastics pollution. By educating policy-makers, journalists and citizens on the vital nature of our oceans, through-science-based evidence, we can do a better job of preserving them.”

Monica Verbeek, Executive Director at Seas At Risk said: “The ocean is facing harsh challenges due to the cumulative pressure from destructive human activities and impact from the climate crisis. We call on citizens, ocean influencers and decision makers to get involved in Ocean Week 2020, to learn, exchange, get their voices heard and contribute to shaping a bluer future.”

Antidia Citores, Spokesperson at Surfrider Europe commented: “Facing the consequences of climate change, communities along the coasts and beyond are showing the way to tackle climate change: through resilience, mitigation and adaptation. The Ocean Week 2020 our NGOs are bringing to Brussels is here to call on EU decision makers to adopt concrete policy measures to make these solutions emerge.”

Dr Samantha Burgess, Head of European Marine Policy at WWF European Policy Office said: “The health of our ocean stands on a precipice due to the climate and biodiversity crises. All of us – governments, businesses and citizens – must rise to the challenges and transition into a climate neutral world that supports restoration of our seas, ocean resilience, and a sustainable blue economy for future generations on our blue planet.”


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