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Manchester City Thrashed Liverpool 4-2 on Sunday, ending hopes of becoming defending champions



At Anfield, the Premier League Trophy is still showcased at Liverpool's football club museum. The roads of its return to the previous possessor have been desolated by the glorious victory Manchester City bagged with a 4-1 final score on this Sunday. This victory has formally finished the dream of former champions to label the trophy by their name. 

This win positively indicates that the shift in the guard is responsible for somewhat over-playing things.  It also encompasses that the team, coached by Pep Guardiola, has been seizing triumphs over consequent matches, even before the first victory of Liverpool after thirty years last season.

Manchester City is rejoiced by their victory as they last won at Anfield in 2003. However, this 20201 triumph over Liverpool means a lot more than the previous one as subconsciously, every other team participating in EPL has been informed about City's supremacy.

In Guardiola's words, coming here and securing the triumph was important. Nobody can presume to which team the championship title would go. However, he can predict how the work structure of the team would be. He also stated that the level of contentment the team has now can't be denied as they have done brilliantly in the match.

Guardiola has uttered these words in a very pragmatic way. However, the way his team has secured a mammoth victory by slashing Liverpool apart shouldn't be underestimated.

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However, City kept their domination all over the game. Their forward-line was successful in exposing the drawbacks of Liverpool's full-backs Trent Alexander and Andy Robertson while humiliating the goalkeeper Alisson Becker by perishing him twice for the mistakes he made in the second half.

On the other side, City's Phil Foden had made a superb knock by striking the second and third goals for the team, pointing out the reasons why the club's youth academy cherishes this 20 years old footballer as a jewel. Manchester City's midfield was also exquisitely controlled by Bernardo Silva, Raheem Sterling, and Ilkay Gundogan throughout 90 minutes.


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Liverpool has already lost their previous two matches with Brighton and Burnley. Hence, the team morale was quite deflated. However, in Sunday's game, the team has ended up with a loss and been portrayed as ordinary.

Liverpool is struggling behind Leaders City, having 10 points lesser than them though the team has played one more game than Guardiola's squad. Hence, the EPL title is now an elusive dream for Liverpool. The team is currently aimed for securing fourth place in the final league chart, keeping Everton, Chelsea, and West Ham at bay. However, the unit lacks ideas and energy as their favorite defender Virgil van Dijk will be unavailable until next season.

According to Klopp, the defeat by 4-1 is hard to explain. The game could go either way after Liverpool scored their fast. But, the mistakes of Alisson forced the team to receive two goals, and afterward, the problematic situation from Phil Foden arrived.

He also mentioned, "But we have to carry on, it's not the best moment of our lives, and we will try everything [for the top four]. There are enough games to secure that, but we have to win them."

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'Cruella' sequel is in the making at Disney



After a successful $48.5 million global take in just under two weeks, Emma Stone has been confirmed for the sequel's line up.

Emma Stone has been commended on her strategic performance that she displayed in the Disney Cruella adaption. The director of the movie franchise Craig Gillespie has expressed how eager he is to return alongside screenwriter Tony McNamara for the sequel. It is believed that upon the sequels return, Stone will be playing a centralised role around the character we are used to seeing from the One Hundred and One Dalmatians. The Cruella de Vil adaptations will follow that of the Disney cartoons, meaning we can very well expect to see the cartoon story adapted into film.

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Cruella the movie debuted on the 28th May within theatres all around the world. Disney fans could also get hold of the title from home, under the Disney+ streaming service that is available, however an early access purchase was needed that equates to $30. While the movie has made some impressive takes in just under two weeks, it's the story line and 1970s punk aesthetic that has really got everyone impressed. 

Jenny Beavan is the academy awards costume designer that takes the limelight for incredible creation and bringing to life the genre and age of fashion here. It has been confirmed by Variety, that the costumes designed by Jenny were in fact sold after production for a collaboration with Rag and Bone. While it is often usual that huge franchises do not give credit to the designers once the clothes have been sold off after filming, it is yet to be confirmed should this affect the academy award winner’s future with the sequel. Sure, filming huge movies such as these provide huge exposure to the talent, but it can also mean to ‘sign your life and rights away on that dotted line’, as Beaven said in conversation with press.

Aside from the internal drama on set, the film has been received very well from all angles of the media. With a 97% audience score on huge film review platforms, the cinema scores for opening weekend rank it as the most popular of all remakes from Disney based cartoons. Film critics and audiences that have yet to see this movie will of course go in with a bias of the beaming success that the movie has had thus far. 

Cruella will join the long list of movie adaptations that have made huge success and grossed large amounts of money in their opening weekend. Examples of such movies include Alice in Wonderland, Maleficent, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and The Lion King. It is believed that titles such as Peter Pan and Wendy, Pinocchio and The Little Mermaid are in the works next. For the latest updates on their release ensure you keep up to date with lifestyle news releases.

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Corporate tax rules

Big-tech companies to be given historical changes to their international tax agreements



Recently, some of the richest landmarks and countries of the world, have come to an agreement concerning the closing of international tax loopholes that have been endorsed by the biggest multinational corporations. Some of these tech companies have the largest share prices within the stock market, such as Apple, Amazon, Google and so on.

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During the G7 summit- which our last reports spoke about the topic of Brexit and trade deals, representatives of the United States, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Italy and Japan, came to a unified agreement to support the global corporation tax rates of at least 15%. It was in agreement that this should happen as these corporations should pay taxes where their businesses are in operation, and to the land they operate in. Tax evasion has long been propagated using initiatives and loopholes found by corporation entities, this unanimous decision will put a stop to hold tech companies responsible.

This decision is believed to be years in the making, and the G7 summits have long wanted to reach an agreement to make history and reform the global taxation system for the rising innovation and digital age that is on the horizon. Making companies like Apple, Amazon and Google take accountability, will keep taxation in check for what is estimated to be the surge of their developments and involvement overseas. Rishi Sunak, the United Kingdom’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, has mentioned that we are in the economic crisis of the pandemic, companies need to hold their weight and contribute to the reformation of the global economy. Reformed taxation is a step forward in achieving that. Global tech companies such as Amazon and Apple have massively increased in shareholder prices for each quarter after the major drop last year, making tech one of the most sustainable sectors to obtain taxes from. Of course, not all would agree on such comments, being that taxation loopholes have long been a thing and issue of the past.

The deal agreed upon will put massive pressure on other countries during the G20 meeting that is to occur in July. Having a base of agreement from the parties of G7 makes it very likely that other countries will come to an agreement, with nations such as Australia, Brazil, China, Mexico etc. who are to be in attendance. Lower tax haven countries like Ireland will expect lower rates with a minimum of 12.5% where others may be higher depending. It was expected that the 15 percent tax rate would be higher at the level of at least 21%, and countries who agree with this believe that a base level of 15% should be set with possibilities of more ambitious rates depending on destination and region that multinational companies operate and pay taxes from.

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Flutter Entertainment joins the Indian gambling market



The Indian gambling market continues to grow, and it has received a big boost recently, with one of the biggest names in gambling joining the market. Flutter Entertainment, who operate many casinos and sportsbooks including Paddy Power and Betfair, have joined in by buying a stake in Junglee Games.

It is reported that Junglee Games is the third largest rummy operator in India, so they have gone in and taken one of the leading local operators. Although this is a company that have had plenty of success, you can expect investment from Flutter, in a bid to take even more of the market.

The deal sees Flutter now owning 50.06% of Junglee Games, with the value set at £48 million.

Big news for Indian gaming

The move that has seen Flutter invest in the Indian market could be a big one for the industry as a whole. Some of the bigger players are already involved in India, though Flutter is a new and bigger name that is now on board.

This is their first move into the market but may not be their last. Either further investment from Flutter Entertainment, or further investment from elsewhere because Flutter have joined would be significant and continue the push forward of the industry as a whole.

There is a changing landscape in Indian gambling, with many new operators getting involved to try and take their slice of the market share. This luckydice guide to gambling in India shows exactly what is on offer for those who want to sign up and play, and the list keeps on growing.

The future of the Indian gambling market

With a move as big as this one, the future of the Indian gambling market certainly looks a lot brighter. There is real growth in Indian gaming and sports betting, and that could be boosted further if Flutter Entertainment either invests heavily in Junglee Games or they bring some of their other brands to the country.

There is also the chance that other big names will be taking a look at the market, as they try to follow in the footsteps of Flutter. A look at the world news will show companies investing in many different parts, but they are often not the only ones doing that. Other companies follow suit and also invest in the same areas, because it is a time where they are predicting growth.

Over the coming months, it will be very interesting to see if any other gambling operators turn to the Indian market, either to set up their current brands in that area, or to buy a brand already performing in the area and try to push that forward.

As the market continues to move forward, this move from Flutter Entertainment to get involved could act as an accelerator for the situation, fast forwarding things because they themselves, and potentially others, are investing in the country and the gambling market that it currently has. This could be a big moment for the Indian gambling scene. 

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