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Dutch labour union workers strike to force union to better deal




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Employees of the largest labour union in the Netherlands, FNV, on Monday (1 May) said they will go on strike to force the union itself to pay them higher wages.

The union workers said their employer had missed a 1 May International Workers' Day ultimatum to increase its wage offer for the coming years.

They said this would result in a general strike by FNV staff on Tuesday (2 May), with more strike action to follow if demands are not met.

"It is painful that we have to go on strike," FNV employee representative Judith Westhoek said. "But FNV staff also has the right to an honest wage deal that is appropriate for these times."

The FNV had offered its employees a wage increase of 3 to 7% this year, followed by a 5% bump next year and automatic price compensation with a maximum of 5% from 2025 on.

Employees demand full annual compensation for inflation, which jumped to 10% in the Netherlands last year and is expected to be around 3% this year and next.


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