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Values and Identities: Overwhelming support for EU values in all EU countries says new Commission report




The Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) has published a new report, highlighting the need to take into account values and identities, such as social justice, equality or security, when policies are designed, evaluated and communicated. The report, underpinned by a new Eurobarometer survey, shows that the traditional political divide in Europe, based on socio-economic interest, is shifting towards political behaviour driven by individual values, attitudes and identities.

Values and Transparency Vice President Věra Jourová said: “To reinforce trust in democracy we need to understand the diversity of personal values of citizens and their identities. The results from a new Eurobarometer – discussed in this comprehensive report – show an overwhelming support for our EU values. However, we also need to understand the full spectrum of values held by EU citizens. This will help reach better policy results and reduce political polarisation. The report suggests innovative ways to reflect the diversity of citizens' values in the EU's policymaking.”

Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth Commissioner Mariya Gabriel said: “This report provides a robust approach about how to link scientific evidence with citizens' values and identities when discussing public policy. It is important for policy makers to consider citizens' values and identities, attitudes and behaviours. Knowing and addressing citizens' concerns will contribute to developing evidence-informed policies.”

According to the results of a Special Eurobarometer conducted for the report, the EU value most strongly supported by citizens is the independence of courts and the right to a fair trial, followed by the independence of judges. 82% of the respondents agreed that judges should be independent and should not be under the influence of others. The most important identities to citizens are their family and national identity. Values is also a theme on which people are asked to share their views on in the Conference on the Future of Europe, with one of the European Citizens' Panels dedicated to European democracy/values and rights, rule of law, security. Read the full JRC report here and join the launch event here. Find out more on the Eurobarometer survey here.

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