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Disinformation Campaign on Democracy and Human Rights in Bangladesh - Setting the record straight.




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A significant event took place yesterday at the European Parliament's ASP ASE-2 building in Brussels. The event, titled "Human Rights Situation and Democracy in Bangladesh: The Fight Against Disinformation and False Narratives” was hosted by MEP Maximilian Krah and the Study Circle London.

Speakers from various backgrounds came together to debate the question of how to address the ongoing disinformation campaign against Bangladesh, that culminated in the runup to the JMR “Human rights situation in Bangladesh, notably the case of Odhikar” passed by the EP in September this year.

Bangladesh, a country in South Asia, has been a subject of global concern regarding its human rights situation and democratic progress. The nation has experienced significant political turmoil and social unrest in recent years. The event at the European Parliament sought to engage in a constructive dialogue on these issues.

The event featured an array of distinguished speakers and experts on Bangladesh, including human rights activists, journalists, and scholars.

The panel consisted of MEP Maximilian Krah, Political Analyst Chris Blackburn, Lawyer and international criminal law specialist Rashid Rayhan Bin and Syed Mozammel Ali, Chairman of Study Circle London.

Mr. Blackburn emphasized the importance of objective media to investigate the matter, “who checks the work of human rights NGOs if not the press?” he asked.


Dr. Krah called attention to the problematic role of NGOs. “While “NGO” stands for Non-governmental Organisation, nearly all NGOs have a political objective”. Some, he pointed out, may have an agenda in line with the disinformation campaign and therefore reinforce the narrative.

Mr. Mozammel Ali gave a brief overview of the current state of Bangladesh in regard to human rights and development, “nobody has done more for the improvement of countless lives in Bangladesh than the current government” he stated.

Mr. Rashid Rayhan Bin focussed on legal issues surrounding often stated comments on human rights cases in Bangladesh, when “dealing with such cases, scrutiny from international and national observers is required in order to not fall into the trap of disinformation”.

The event witnessed a robust discussion among attendees, which included European policymakers, civil society representatives, and members of the Bangladeshi diaspora. Attendees raised concerns about the role of international organizations and countries in influencing the human rights situation in Bangladesh. Additionally, they explored strategies for supporting independent journalism and grassroots efforts to counter disinformation.

The road ahead may be challenging, but events like these provide hope for a more informed and engaged global community in supporting human rights and democracy worldwide.

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