#WesternBalkans’ European path is vital for the stability in the region

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balkan-1392825The ALDE Group in the European Parliament welcomes the steps forward made by some of the Western Balkan countries on their European path, as shown by the progress reports presented today by the European Commission in the EP’s Foreign Affairs Committee. There are still many issues to be fixed and reforms to be considered and the EU must support candidate countries to face the challenges ahead.

ALDE MEP, Ivo Vajgl (DeSUS, Slovenia), EP rapporteur on Macedonia, said result of the upcoming elections is key for country’s EU integration process: “I sincerely hope that parliamentary elections on the 11th of December will give new impetus to the country’s process of EU integration and to the progressive adaptation of its values and rules. Whoever wins the elections will have to strictly respect the commitments of the Pržino agreement, which has so far proved to be a solid basis for Macedonia’s future development. At the same time, Serbia has an important role to play in the stabilization process of the Western Balkans and it is progressing well in its efforts to comply with the standards set by the EU. Nevertheless, further efforts are needed in the economic field as well as in the development of democratic state institutions and public life based upon tolerance and inclusion.”

Commenting on the Commission’s assessment on progress made by Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina, ALDE MEP Jozo Radoš (HNS, Croatia), said: “Montenegro continues to be the most advanced country on the path towards the EU, but within the country there are still significant disputes over its Euro-Atlantic path. Bosnia and Herzegovina has adopted the Co-ordination Mechanism and the Reform Agenda, however the implementation of these documents may pose some challenges.”


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