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Jadiyetu Mohamed challenges Polisario leader Brahim Ghali from the European capital




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During the Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM) which took place this Thursday, October 13 in the European Parliament, the young Sahrawi Jadiyetu Mohamed - pictured - (Khadijatou) singled out her rapist Brahim Ghali (Chief Polisario separatists) during the hearing titled "sexual violence and rape as an abuse of power".

The case was presented at Press Club Brussels by Mr Willy Fautré, president of the NGO HRWF (Human Rights Without Frontiers). He said abuse of power leading to sexual violence and rape can occur in many contexts. Within the family, in the professional context, in a religious context, in the world of sport, and in the economic and political world.

The case was presented at Press Club Brussels by Mr Willy Fautré

Jadiyetu Mohamed accuses Brahim Ghali of rape. "She was 18." "Sahara Marathon" invited her to Italy. She needed clearance from Polisario's Algerian diplomatic representation before seeking an Italian visa. Brahim Ghali blackmailed her for sex, she alleges. Refusing, she was raped.

Her brother advised her to file a complaint since no one would marry her if she went public. Three years passed before she filed a complaint in Spain, but the matter was closed.

Mr. Fautré told the MEPs of the Committee on Women's Rights and Equality of Women, "I see that she has spoken in public. If you need further data, you can ask her" .

Toufah Jallow is another case. "Gambian beauty queen Yahya Jammeh was repeatedly raped. She advocates for justice in Canada. Human Rights Watch has a report on Yahya Jammeh's rapes "The women spoke at Press Club Brussels Europe. They all said it's hard, if not impossible, to get justice in their situation. "

Algeria's Polisario has often vowed to commit terrorist actions from the Moroccan Sahara. Despite its many crimes and abuses, the Polisario remains uncontrollable. Polisario has used the Tindouf camps to order kidnappings, lootings, and arbitrary and terrorist acts, causing thousands of victims in Mauritania, Mali, South Korea, France, Spain, and Morocco.


The Polisario has caused victims through violent ground operations and attacks on boats and ships on neighbouring countries' borders. Nearly 50 years of breaches and brutal treatment, including torture and arbitrary executions, have passed in an environment of impunity. The Algerian redress mechanisms, the only body responsible for examining all violations on its territory, failed to process or analyse any Polisario dossier.

Katarzyna KOZLOWSKA, founder and president of the SayStop Foundation, and Dr Branka ANTIC-STAUBER, collaborator with groups helping sexual abuse victims in Bosnia, also participated in the hearing. MEP and Vice-President of FEMM Radka MAXOV closed it.


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