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Unprecedented Incident Strands Passengers on Flight to Chisinau




In an unprecedented and chaotic turn of events, passengers aboard a FlyOne airline flight from Yerevan to Chisinau experienced unexpected diversions and prolonged delays, which left them stranded without food or water for nearly 12 hours. The incident has sparked outrage and raised concerns about the actions of authorities in Moldova and Romania.

Nearing the end of the original flight, the FlyOne aircraft, carrying Moldovan citizens, was denied entry to Chisinau’s airport without explanation. Subsequently, the plane was diverted to Bucharest. However, the Romanian authorities also refused to authorize a landing, further aggravating the passengers’ situation.

Stranded and confined to the aircraft, the passengers expressed their frustration and despair by chanting, “We want to go home!” as they awaited a resolution. According to sources, the passengers have been without food or water for nearly 12 hours. Additionally, mobile phones have begun running out of battery, with no immediate assistance available. The unexpected and unexplained diversion has led to speculation and allegations from the passengers, who believe they are being targeted for political reasons.

Further compounding the distress, the Romanian Border Police boarded the aircraft and removed individuals, taking them to undisclosed locations. This action has increased the confusion and fear among the remaining passengers, who are in dire need of clarity and assistance.

As the plane now faces the possibility of being sent back to Yerevan, the passengers’ ordeal appears far from over. The lack of communication and transparency from both Moldovan and Romanian authorities has only heightened the passengers’ feelings of abandonment and frustration.

This incident represents a new low in Moldovan aviation history, raising serious questions about governance, human rights, and the treatment of individuals in distress. The affected passengers are demanding immediate intervention and answers, seeking a safe return home and accountability from those responsible for this distressing episode.


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