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The International Center for the Protection of Human Rights and Democracy to host landmark freedoms conference in Chisinau, Moldova




The International Center for the Protection of Human Rights and Democracy (ICPHRD) will convene a landmark conference in Chisinau, Moldova, on June 25th to address pressing issues related to freedom of speech, governance, rule of law, and the judiciary, which are pivotal for Moldova's democratic progression.

Given the significant challenges Moldova faces, including corruption and limited press freedom, which hinder its progress toward stability and democracy, the ICPHRD stresses the importance of international cooperation and the exchange of expertise to effectively address these systemic issues.

The ICPHRD is an NGO dedicated to advancing the fundamental values of democracy and human rights within Moldova and, subsequently, across borders. The conference will begin with opening remarks by ICPHRD founder Stanislav Pavlovschi, former Justice Minister of Moldova, European Court of Human Rights judge and leading human rights advocate.

Pavlovschi, set to emphasize the critical importance of freedom of expression, stated prior to the event "Freedom of speech is a fundamental right, without which it is impossible to inform citizens about the state of affairs in the country and, ultimately, without which the existence of a democratic state turns into an illusion. From this point of view, this conference represents an important step toward further development of the democratic regime in the Republic of Moldova and beyond”, further adding that “independent journalism and open dialogue play a key role in fostering a truly democratic society.”

The conference will focus on the topic of "Freedom of speech as a fundamental element of all contemporary democratic societies," drawing from the guiding principles of the European Union. The aim of the conference will be to establish actionable reform strategies, raise public awareness of the role of independent journalism in democracies, enhance understanding of Moldova's media and democratic challenges, and strengthen partnerships among key stakeholders from across Moldova, Europe, and the US. By fostering these discussions, the ICPHRD aims to catalyze meaningful change and support the ongoing development of democratic institutions in Moldova and beyond.

Freedom of speech, in particular, is a critical concern, especially with Moldova's upcoming presidential election in October and the subsequent parliamentary elections in 2025. Ensuring free and fair elections is impossible without protecting freedom of expression, making the defense of journalists' rights a top priority.


The conference will attract a diverse group of participants, including policymakers, journalists, academics, researchers, legal practitioners, and civil society activists from Moldova, the EU, the UK, and the US.

This conference represents a pivotal platform for dialogue, knowledge sharing, and collaboration to advance governance and the rule of law in Moldova. By bringing together international and local experts, the ICPHRD aims to support Moldova's journey towards a more democratic and prosperous future.

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