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Leader of cross-border raid warns Russia to expect more incursions




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The Russian commander who led a group of militias that raided a Russian border area this week announced on Wednesday (24 May) that his group will soon launch further incursions in Russian territory.

Denis Kapustin spoke to journalists on the Ukrainian border with Russia, describing himself as the Russian Volunteer Corps. This was a day after Moscow announced that it had repulsed an attack on the Belgorod area.

Kyiv said that the attack was perpetrated by Russian citizens and portrayed it as internal Russian strife. The Russian Volunteer Corps and Freedom of Russia Legion, two groups that operate in Ukraine, have both claimed responsibility.

The Russian military claimed that it had routed militants who used armoured vehicles to carry out their attacks, and sent those who survived into Ukraine.

Kapustin claimed that two of his fighters were "lightly injured" and the total loss for his side was two dead and 10 wounded. Moscow claims it has killed more than 70 'Ukrainian Nationalists'.

Kapustin said that the fighters also took a Russian armored vehicle and an anti-drone weapon as prizes.

Kapustin introduced himself as White Rex and said: "I believe you will see us on that side again. I can't reveal what is coming up, or even the direction. The border is quite long. Yet again, there will be an area where things get really hot."

He was repeatedly asked about Western media reports that his military had used U.S. He refused to directly answer questions about the military equipment meant to help Ukraine fight Russia's invasion.


"I know where my guns came from. Unfortunately, not from our Western partners," he said.

He also claimed that Western military equipment captured by Russia during the battle of Bakhmut, in eastern Ukraine, could be purchased on the blackmarket.

"I believe I have explained that Western military aid is raided and goes back and forth. I know for example that in Bakhmut, a number of American armoured vehicle were raided by Russian forces," he said.

Kapustin stated that Ukraine only supports the RVC by providing information, fuel, food, and medicine.

"The Ukrainian military has taken our wounded, as you know. But anything more would be difficult."

"Every decision that we make... beyond the state boundary is our decision." He added: "We can certainly ask our Ukrainian comrades and friends for help in planning."

The RVC claims that it is composed of Russians who are fighting for Ukraine and against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Kapustin stated, "Our future plans include new territories in the Russian Federation that we will enter. You just need to be patient and wait a few days."

The Anti-Defamation League in the United States has described Kapustin, as "a Russian neo-Nazi that lived in Germany for several years".

Kapustin claimed that his group is right-wing. When asked if it was an insult to be called a Nazi he replied, "I don't think so."

He added: "I've got my own set of beliefs, they're patriotic, traditionalist, right-wing. You'll never see me raise my hand to make a Hitler salute or wave a flag with the swastika. Why would you call me this?"

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