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Spainity: The world's largest online platform for Spanish products




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Made in Spain consumption has not stopped growing in Europe and Latin America in the past five years and this marketplace has already more than 20,000 Spanish products of different categories.

In a bit more than a year of life, Spainity has consolidated its position as the platform of Spanish products par excellence since they have exceeded the amount of 20,000 products made in Spain with a variety of 15 different categories: They highlight that "if it's Spanish, it's in Spainity", and that all their products come from Spanish companies. Among their more than 200 associated sellers up until now, there are distributors as well as manufacturers and both physical and online shops, so they are committed to diversification as a key point to expand their reach and obtain new revenue. In this case, from a unique and exclusive platform of Spanish products, given that they will only share a shop window with other companies that share these same canons.

In addition, Spainity takes care of everything for the convenience of sellers and buyers, since they have a door-to-door express logistics service, through which they ensure that the seller only has to have the package ready to hand over to their courier, and they do not pay until the buyer confirms they have successfully received the order. Therefore, their founders, Jose Ruiz and Carlos Martín, emphasise that "they are unifying all Spanish commerce to make Made in Spain products available to all over the world".

Currently, 1 out of 4 of their sellers already has an ECO catalogue and this has made it the category which has experienced the greatest growth in the last quarter with more than 3.000 products of this type.

In this situation, Spainity is not only bringing Spanish products closer to all corners of the world, but it is also positioning itself as a Net Zero start-up, as they have incorporated into the corporate strategy various actions to neutralise their CO2 emissions, such as contributing to reforestation by planting a tree for each order, donating part of their turnover to the removal of plastics from the sea or using recycled and biodegradable materials in their packaging, among many others.

For all these reasons, Spainity’s commitment is not only to unify all the wonders of Spain in a single shopping basket, but also to accelerate the process of "zero waste" in the e-commerce sector.


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