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Curaçao: Investment Profile




Curaçao presents itself as an excellent destination for visitors wishing to experience the island’s natural tranquility and Dutch-Caribbean culture, yet the country also attracts attention from businesses seeking investment opportunities in the region. Based outside of the  hurricane belt, Curaçao benefits from many ports, a natural and well-developed deep-water harbor, and frequent flights connecting the island to multiple continents.

Curaçao’s economic stability and multilingual culture are bolstered by the island’s significant digital infrastructure, boasting 86.7% internet penetration, multiple data centers including the only Tier 4 data center in the Pan-Caribbean region, and a highly skilled talent pool.

With attractive offers available to tourists and businesses alike, Curaçao continues to position itself as an investment opportunity for international enterprises and an active hub within the Caribbean.

Why Curaçao:

Why should entities invest in Curaçao (e.g sectors and benefits), and how does CINEX’s attract investment to the island?

Curaçao presents itself as an excellent destination for entities seeking investment opportunities in the Caribbean region. Various key elements make us ideal:


  • Strategically located in the southern caribbean sea, outside of the hurricane belt.
  • Various ports, including a well-developed Natural deep-water Harbour


  • The island functions as a HUB with Daily/Weekly flights from Europe, United States, South/Central America and the Caribbean.

Talent Pool:

  • Highly Skilled & Multilingual
  • Scabale (Region & EU)


  • Internet Penetration: 86.7%
  • 4 Data Centers: 1 Tier IV (Only one in the Pan-Caribbean Region)
  • DataHub: e.g., Acros 1, PanAm Americas II, EC-LINK
  • Quality Real Estate


  • High-Quality Dutch Legal System
  • Political Stable Government

In addition,

Curaçao offers various investment incentives to entities interested in investing, these include:

  • Favorable corporate tax rates
  • Tax Holiday for investment in most businesses
  • E-zone Regime
  • Preferential Access to the EU (OCT) and USA (CBI)
  • 0% Profit Tax on profits from intangible assets

The government of Curaçao is actively working on providing red carpet treatment to businesses and investors:

  • Recently the minister of economic development  announced that, starting from August 15, 2023, the "Directievergunning" will be eliminated. Previously, persons not born in the Netherlands Antilles or legal entities not established there, who wish to become a director or commissioner of a Curaçao company, must possess a director's permit. Obtaining this permit used to be a time-consuming process.  This is no longer necessary.  Starting from August 15, 2023, the "Directievergunning" will be eliminated.

Considering these combined benefits, including its vibrant culture and natural beauty, Curaçao is becoming increasingly popular as an investment destination for entities looking for long-term success.

Curaçao National Export Strategy (NES)

In 2019, Curaçao embarked on a project to develop a National Export Strategy (NES), with a primary focus on seven distinct sectors revolving around technology and e-government. The NES vision reflects the country’s ambition to transform its economy into one that is driven by entrepreneurship, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, quality, and innovation. The NES is Curaçao’s 5-year path to diversify exports, drive economic development and increase foreign exchange earnings. The strategy is centered on “e-government for business” to facilitate exports and help Curaçao emerge as a more resilient and more sustainable economy, notably after the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The strategy focuses on transforming the economic make-up of the country by upgrading and creating new value chains  particularly in services exports. As a result, the forthcoming five years will prioritize attracting investments for these sectors, recognizing that investment is a prerequisite for successful exports.

These sectors are:

  • Blue BioEconomy
  • Renewable Energy
  • Health & Wellness
  • Creative industries
  • IT Services
  • Financial Services
  • Port and Maritime Services

To know more about Curaçao’s National Export Strategy and the strategy for each of the sectors mentioned above , please  follow the link below.

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