#Kokorevs have to seek legal redress in European Court of Human Rights

| January 20, 2019

A group of European Parliament Members have addressed yet another complaint to judicial authorities voicing their concerns on the case of Vladimir Kokorev, a Spanish-Jewish entrepreneur. Mr. Kokorev, his wife and their son, have endured over 30 months in prison, and are currently subject to a bizarre house arrest on the island of Gran Canaria (Spain), so far without any formal charges nor trial on the horizon.

The so-called “Kokorev Case” has all the bearings of police and judicial corruption: the Spanish judge Ana Isabel de Vega Serrano issued arrest warrants on “generic” money laundering charges, without specifying the predicate offense, that have not materialized into specific accusations after almost 14 years of investigation. She also denied family’s attorneys any access to the case file during the imprisonment. In the meantime, the judges were caught on tape laughing while uttering racist slurs, some specifically addressed at persons of Russian origins. The family was finally released in late 2017, after over a dozen Members of European Parliament voiced their heavy criticisms of Spanish authorities over the handling of the case.

Almost two years later, the Judge continues her “investigations” against the family, and aims those to be extended into 2020, while purposefully ignoring the mounting evidence of police manipulation. For instance, it was determined that Spanish policemen forged the contents US Senate Report to initiate proceedings against Vladimir Kokorev and to justify his arrest. Furthermore, two IT experts’ reports determined that a USB, asserted by the Spanish police to belong to Igor Kokorev and that served as a basis for his detention, was created by the same police agents a month after Igor’s arrest; that none of the IT devices confiscated from the Kokorevs by the police have undergone any process of custody, while almost all have been manipulated o altered after the arrests. Besides these compromised IT devices, there are still no witnesses or evidence to speak of.

This new letter, addressed by MEPs Heinz Becker (Chair of European Parliament Working Group on Antisemitism), Alberto Sirio and Fulvio Martusciello to Spanish judicial authorities, cites “Kokorev case” as “an example of violation of Human Rights and basic democratic principles,” and questions whether this in “an isolated case that stirs alarm” or merely a tip of an iceberg of widespread judicial and police corruption in Spain. They also point out that the case is likely related to the infamous investigation of police mafia in Spain, the case of former chief police commissioner Villarejo, who allegedly “leased” police services to private individuals and corporations with Spanish interests through an intricate network of police agents, judges and politicians. It is worth noting that, according to Spanish newspaper El PAIS, Villarejo was found in possession of Kokorev’s case file, to which he had access long before the secrecy was lifted, despite not being – at least officially – one of the investigating officers.

According to other Spanish news-sources, the case will receive a documentary treatment in a full-length feature film tentatively called “The Kokorev Trial”, in allusion to Franz Kafka’s famous novel “The Trial”. A short preview of the film, offers a rare glimpse into the human tragedy of Igor Kokorev (36) and his mother, Yulia (68), and their brutal treatment at the hands of Spanish judicial bureaucracy.

“The public prosecutor offered me to be released from prison in exchange for making a false statement against my father, so that I could meet my daughter,” states Igor Kokorev in a gut-wrenching scene. “He knew I had a daughter I had not meet [Igor’s daughter was born shortly after his arrest]. He knew this.”




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