European Parliament this week: Money laundering, banking, clean water, sea border controls

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20120124PHT36092_originalMeasures to tackle money laundering and make money market funds more transparent will this week be voted on by European Parliament committees. MEPs are also set to endorse an agreement with the Council on sea border controls and will try to reach a deal on better protection for workers posted in another EU country. On 17 February, the European Parliament is holding a public hearing for the first citizens’ initiative on good quality water as a basic right and the last ReAct event will take place in Madrid to discuss the economy.

On 17 February the environment committee, together with the petitions, internal market and development committees, organises a public hearing for the first European citizens’ initiative, ‘Water is a human right’. The organizers will present their objectives and discuss the right to access to adequate supplies of clean drinking water and sanitation throughout the EU.The economic affairs and civil liberties committees will vote on Thursday on proposals to crack down on money laundering and the illegal transfer of funds. Draft measures, which also apply to trusts and the gambling sector, would make it easier to trace tax crimes and identify beneficiaries.

In addition the economic affairs committee will vote on 20 February on a report on internet payments and credit card fees, which seeks to make internet payments more secure.Money market funds can engage in bank-like activities despite not being regulated as banks. On 17 February, the economic affairs committee votes on a proposal to make them more transparent and to reduce the risk of them threatening the stability of the financial system.

The civil liberties committee and member states represented by the Council will on 20 February seek  to endorse an informal agreement on how sea border agency Frontex should deal with migrants intercepted or rescued at sea.During the week, negotiators from the social affairs committee participate in informal negotiations to try to reach an agreement on better protecting workers who have been temporarily posted in another part of the EU.

On 19 February the last ReAct event, organised ahead of the European elections in May,  takes place in Madrid.  The event centres on a debate on the economy and how to get out of the crisis, with several academics as key speakers.


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