EU’s Barnier says EU ready to discuss #IrishBorder with UK

| September 12, 2018

The European Union’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier (pictured) told British lawmakers earlier this month that he wanted to discuss with the United Kingdom how to solve the Irish border issue but that both sides were under great time pressure, writes Guy Faulconbridge.

“We are open to discussing other backstops, so we can discuss this text, we can make changes to it,” Barnier told lawmakers on 3 September, according to a transcript published by the British parliament.

“But that effort to de-dramatize the situation should be made by both sides,” he said.

Barnier also told lawmakers that if there was no deal then there would be no mini-deals done.

“If there is a no deal there is no more discussion. There is no more negotiation. It is over and each side will take its own unilateral contingency measures, and we will take them in such areas as aviation, but this does not mean mini-deals in the case of a no deal.”


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