#DataProtection – EU and US start discussions for Second Annual Review of #PrivacyShield

| October 18, 2018

Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality Commissioner Věra Jourová is meeting the US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross today (18 October) to launch discussions to review the EU-US Privacy Shield.

Representatives of all US government departments in charge of running the Privacy Shield, including the Federal Trade Commission, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), the Department of Justice and the State Department, the European Commission, and the EU’s data protection authorities will now engage in a two-day discussion.

The review will focus on the commercial aspects on the first day, notably on questions related to the oversight and enforcement of the Shield. The second day will cover developments concerning the collection of personal data by U.S. authorities for purposes of law enforcement or national security. Following these two days, the European Commission will then analyze the information gathered and publish its conclusions in a report end of November.

Operational since 1 August 2016, this framework protects personal data transferred from the EU to the US for commercial purposes. It brings also legal clarity for businesses relying on the transmission of personal data across the Atlantic.

More information on the EU-US Privacy Shield and on the first Annual Review’s report are available online.


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