#FY2020 European Deterrence Initiative #EDI funding request

| March 15, 2019

This year’s budget submission for the European Deterrence Initiative (EDI) builds on previous United States investments and reflects the priorities of the National Defense Strategy by improving the readiness, responsiveness, lethality and resiliency of US forces in Europe in order to strengthen deterrence posture and enhance our defence capabilities.

As in previous submissions, the 2020 request continues to fund numerous ongoing, multi-year activities, as well as expand existing lines of effort by prepositioning munitions in theater; improving infrastructure to support theater logistics; and enhancing the responsiveness of forces.

The $5.9 billion EDI request for Fiscal Year 2020 will allow our leaders to more adequately meet emerging threats to the security and territorial integrity of our NATO allies. It also reflects the importance of the need to deter aggression and malign influence in Europe by increasing our air, sea and land force responsiveness, and increasing interoperability with multi-national forces. This EDI budget focuses on combined, joint-warfighting capabilities to meet the expanding challenges of a dynamic security environment.

This request is an additional American pledge demonstrating our continued strong commitment to the transatlantic bond and the defense of our indispensable European allies and partners.

US European Command is one of two US forward-deployed geographic combatant commands whose area of focus spans across Europe, portions of Asia and the Middle East, the Arctic and Atlantic oceans. The command is comprised of more than 60,000 military and civilian personnel and is responsible for U.S. defense operations, relations with NATO and 51 countries.

For more information about US European Command, click here.


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