Arctic city will be #EuropeanCapitalOfCulture

| September 26, 2019

The city of Bodø in Northern Norway won the bid to become European Capital of Culture for 2024. “We look forward to presenting the magic of Arctic culture and forging new cultural connections,” said the Mayor of Bodø, Ida Pinnerød.

“This is a fantastic and important further step towards creating an even more exciting and diverse city and region, and not least towards getting impulses to make it attractive for people to live here and also to visit us here in the north,” Pinnerød added.

In The Arctic for the first time

Nordland County has played an important role supporting the work to promote Bodø’s candidacy and the application with a title which speaks for itself: ‘Arcticulation 2024’.

“This is the first time that a city north of the Arctic Circle has become European Capital of Culture. I think the very fact that Bodø is located in the Arctic part of Europe has triggered a lot of interest,” said County Government President Tomas Norvoll. He added that even though Bodø has been chosen as European Capital of Culture, other towns and villages in Nordland County will also be included in the project.

Indigenous people dimension

Norvoll is also very proud of the clear indigenous people dimension in Bodø 2024.

“I believe that no other cities have ever marked this so strongly as us. The Sami Parliament representing Norway’s indigenous people wholeheartedly supports Bodø’s and Nordland’s work to become Capital of Culture. I feel sure that Bodø 2024 will succeed helping the birth of exciting cultural projects in the crossover between Sami and European culture,” Norvoll added.

Win-win situation

“We have without doubt plenty of exciting and new things to contribute to our European friends, as well as being able to receive new and important impulses from abroad. The point is to create things with others, so that this will be a Culture Capital year that is important both for the people of Bodø and Nordland and also for the broader European public. Now the work starts in earnest to create this magic in 2024,” concluded Norvoll.

Read the application ‘Arcticulation Bodø2024’

Short film about the application

Information about Bodø


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