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Deposit bonus vs free spins: What to choose?




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Online casinos and sportsbooks are a fairly recent development coming from the gambling industry. Their popularity has made them one of the leading factors in it. This popularity is well deserved and it comes thanks to many different factors, of which the accessibility perks are the biggest attribute. In-person casinos and sportsbooks require a lot of time from their users, sometimes even an entire day. The online medium has circumvented this by allowing users to play and bet whenever and wherever they are. 

This streamlines the medium and also opens it up to newcomers through many great systems. One of these systems is gambling bonuses, which are free perks players can claim upon signing up for a select service. Find the best Swedish free spins offers before you select a service to have the option to choose what kind of gambling bonus you would like.

How to claim a gambling bonus?

Whether it is a casino or sportsbook bonus, to get access to it you first need to sign up for your selected service. This entails creating an account by depositing some personal information like your name, email, address, username, and password. After this, you need to choose a payment method through which you will deposit funds to your account. With that done, you are ready to check for any available bonuses.

It is important to note that bonuses are usually one-time use and come with short terms and conditions users should read. This is because within the terms are details on how exactly the bonus can be used and what its limits are. Reading them will help you fully understand how to utilize the bonus and prevent any misconceptions. 

What is a deposit bonus?

There are two types of bonuses that are most popular and common online and one of which are deposit bonuses. Deposit bonuses are possibly one of the best ones you can get thanks to the flexibility they offer. This is because any matched funds can be used across multiple casino games and can even get you a few free bets.

Deposit bonuses are usually expressed in a percentage of your deposit amount, and have a set max. So for example, if the deposit bonus is 100% with a max of 500$, and you deposit 300% the bonus will grant you 300$. But if you deposit over the max let's say 700% the bonus will cap out and only give you 500$, which is still an amazing deal but an important calculation to consider upon depositing.

What are free spins?

Free spins are the second most popular type of bonus that is exclusive to online casinos. They refer to free spins on slot games and grant free attempts on all slot games. This can net players free money for free up to a cap. The odds of these spins are not affected so you can still get max wins, but your payout will most often be limited. This is a precaution that protects the casino from giving out all of its funds. 


Furthermore, the value of your payout depends on the total earnings from your free spins. Even if this system may seem confusing at first, you will surely understand it quickly.

Deposit bonus or free spins which is better?

Comparing them directly is not quite fair since they both have two different uses and risk-to-reward factors. Free spins are effectively always free funds making them exceedingly good for all players. On the other hand, deposit bonuses inherently carry a risk of losing some funds, but have the chance of getting big wins making the risk-to-payout ratio worth it.

In the end, both are amazing bonuses to look out for and will grant players free funds. So the choice comes down to which games at online casinos you as a player prefer. 

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