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The best of European #OnlineGaming

| February 4, 2017 | 0 Comments

HILL-722613Online gambling sites such as British William Hill in Europe are surpassing gaming sites found with the United States. In fact, William Hill Sports is the top betting site within the United Kingdom and is one of the leading gambling sites within Europe. Their casino takes on bets on blackjack, roulette, poker, and a number of other games.

Whether casino game, football, American football, golf, horse racing, or a number of other sports, it can all be found on the William Hill network of gaming sites. In fact, recent studies have shown that citizens in central and western Europe spend more time gaming online than any other part of the world.

There are literally dozens of online sites based in Europe which give players a number of options to fill their gaming habits. However, there are strict laws and authorities within Europe that can cause confusion in the gaming community.

European online casinos are regulated by a number of jurisdictions and laws, while most countries in Europe are a part of the European Union, gambling laws have yet to become uniform. This is extremely similar to what is found in the United States where gambling laws in Nevada are considered lax while the neighboring state of Utah has no legal form of gambling (including no form of state lottery).

The state of Texas outlaws most forms of gambling much like Utah, which lured neighboring states of Louisiana and Oklahoma to set up casinos around the border to attract billions of dollars in revenue per year.

Within Europe, the European Union Commission is pushing for a single market which would include the online casino industry. While any sort of legislation placing online gambling within the EU under one set of laws is a long way from happening, the desire remains with a number of influential figures to make such legislation pass.

The Belgian Gaming Commission is a notorious proponent in outlawing online gaming. The BGC enforces the Belgian Gaming Act, which created a blacklist of websites. The Belgian government pressed banks and internet service providers to sign the protocol which would block any activity involving online casino sites within the country.

Germany has a much more open opinion of gambling, yet they take it to the opposing extreme. Germany attempts to preserve a gambling monopoly within their states, with German specific regulations. The country attempts to combat what they consider black market online casinos from accepting German players.

France has pushed back their restrictions on online gambling since 2010 and has passed legislation that install regulations, better-policing methods, and treats those with gaming addictions with more dignity. The regulation body in charge of enforcing the regulations is the Autorite de regulation des jeux en ligne (ARJEL). The relaxed view on online gambling has allowed the French government to make a substantial amount of revenue.

The scope of online gaming in Europe is fluid, members of the European Union are still able to regulate the industry on a country-wide level as long as their rules follow European Union rules. While the EU works for blanket regulation, it will be a difficult task to convince enough members to negotiate and alter the entire scope of regulation within their borders.

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