No megatrucks on UK roads after Conservatives secure UK exemption

megatruckThere will be no ‘mega-trucks’ on Britain’s roads thanks to decisive action by the Conservative Transport Spokesman in the European Parliament, Jacqueline Foster MEP.

The European Commission had wanted to harmonize the rules over the size of trucks across the EU, which had the potential to see 80-foot long trucks appearing on UK roads, weighing up to 60 tonnes.

However, after concerns were raised by Conservatives, it was agreed the UK would be exempt, meaning the UK Government will continue to decide on the size of vehicles allowed on our roads.

Foster, deputy leader of Britain’s Conservative MEPs, said: “We weren’t at all happy with the Commission’s initial proposals – they did not take into account the highly urbanized road network in many parts of the UK, which would have seen mega-trucks hurtling through our towns and cities. I am very pleased that we have secured this exemption, which means the UK Parliament, and not the European Commission, will decide on what is best for Britain’s roads.”

Conservatives also ensured that restrictions on vehicle heights, which would have badly hit hauliers carrying goods between the UK and the Republic of Ireland, will not be introduced here either. The new rules will limit lorries to four metres in height, but under the amendment secured by Mrs Foster, for lorries crossing between the UK and the Republic, the existing 4.65m limit will remain.

Conservatives did, however, support plans that require manufacturers to make driver cabs in lorries safer. By 2022, the new designs will help to eliminate blind spots for lorry drivers – a major problem for cyclists and pedestrians.

Foster said: “The new cabs will reduce risk to pedestrians and cyclists and the industry has been given seven years to adapt and implement their designs, without having to scrap fleets of brand new lorries.”


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