#NATO – Face of peaceful and friendly Europe has changed

| February 13, 2019

Europe does not even try any more to wear a mask of past tolerance. Tensions are constantly increasing. Unrest is sweeping across Europe like wildfire. Through riots caused by different events and decisions, political convulsions make Europeans feel uncomfortable. People are tired of being unheard by the authorities, writes Viktors Domburs.

Misunderstanding between ordinary people and authorities is more clearly visible, especially in the so-called old Europe. Once prosperous countries, France and Italy, actively resist the new world order. Social instability and deterioration of living standards with the background of militarization has led to unprecedented unrest. All attempts to reduce tensions have brought no results.

Democracy has played a dirty trick with all of us. Freedom allows people to go on the streets and introduce their position. On the other hand, delegated powers give the authorities the possibility to “calm” the riots, to suspend the activities, to ban meetings, even using police. French political movement for economic justice, the so-called “yellow vests”, went beyond the country and caused diplomatic crisis between France and Italy.

German workers also expressed solidarity with “yellow vest” protests in France. Workers in Germany share the same grievances and recognize they also confront policies that favour the rich. Another irritating factor is the militarization of the region, with NATO expansion. Many Europeans link the fact of increasing national defence expenditures with deterioration of life.

That is why anti-NATO and anti-war campaigns on the Internet gain momentum. Among them are: no-to-nato.network, notonato.org, no2nato2019.org, popularresistance.org/no-to-nato-spring-actions-in-washington-dc.

The ‘Stopp Air Base Ramstein’ campaign in Germany started  on 5 October 2008, and has gained more popularity and organized protests in Germany and abroad. It has its representatives in the US, Austria, Australia, Poland, Ireland, France, Japan and the UK.

The international network No to War – No to NATO calls for broad actions against NATO in Washington DC and worldwide.  The next occasion for such organizations to become more active is the signing an agreement with Macedonia on 6 February, allowing the country to become the military alliance’s 30th member.

This particular step could become the catalyzer for more violent protests and political disobedience. It brings chaos to Europe, raises tensions and leads to the loss of trust in peace and democracy.


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