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French democracy in danger as Les Républicains (EPP) ally with Le Pen’s far right party




The European Green Party is outraged by the agreement with Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National (RN, ID on European level) that Eric Ciotti, President of Les Républicains (LR, European People’s Party on European level), announced on French television. 

Mélanie Vogel, co-chair of the European Green Party, and French Senator, said: “In the last decade, we have seen liberals and conservatives in France making all of the same mistakes that the continent paid a horrible price for in the twenties and thirties. By failing to defend democratic values, by ‘normalising’ the ideas of the far-right, and by institutionalising their presence in the Parliament, they have paved the way for the worst.” 

“The responsibility of French President Emmanuel Macron (Renaissance; Renew Europe on the European level) is huge. With his irresponsible decision to dissolve the French parliament, Macron has put the entire French democracy and the stability of the entire European Union at risk”, Mélanie Vogel said.   

On the progressive side, the French Green party Les Ecologistes is playing a key role in ensuring that there will be a large movement able to beat the fascists at the next elections. 

Mélanie Vogel added that “in 1936 in France, while Germany was engulfed in nazism, the « Front Populaire » managed to defeat the far-right and build democratic and social victories. This is what we need to do again in 2024. This is our historical responsibility. I call on all progressives, democrats, feminists, LGBTI people, unions, civil society organisations to join this struggle for democracy and justice. We cannot be sure of the best outcome. But we also cannot be certain of the worst. We can win. So let’s fight this together. I also call on all LR members to clarify their position and state whether they are still on the democratic side or not. ”

During the European elections campaign, the European Greens have consistently called on right-wing parties not to work with the far-right. The Greens take note of the refusal of the Senate’s group of Les Républicains, and other LR members, to follow the call of LR party leader Ciotti. 


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