#Kokorev: Judge’s decision on sentence and bail overruled

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On 27 September, the High Court of Las Palmas has overruled Judge’s Serrano decision to keep Yulia Kokorev in jail for another 2 years and decreased the bond required for Vladimir Kokorev’s (pictured, in wheelchair) release from 2 million euro to 600,000 euro. No judgement has been issued yet in regards to his son, Igor.

The decisions regarding Vladimir and Yulia Kokorev were issued less than 24 hours before the celebration of this round table. According to a confidential source within the High Court of Las Palmas, both responded to political and media pressure in no small part related to the case being discussed in Brussels. The same source indicates that prior to overruling Judge Serrano’s decision, a magistrate of the High Court called the judge “with apologies”.

Upon a close examination, both decisions do read like an apology to Judge Serrano and the prosecutor for ordering the release of “their” prisoners. The High Court of Las Palmas, either explicitly or implicitly, approves their investigation methods to a full extent, including keeping the case secret for over 45 months, the 2-year provisional imprisonment of Kokorev family, and the procrastination of investigations, while completely avoiding or ignoring the evidence presented by their attorneys and the numerous police and procedural irregularities. In fact, the High Court decision allows Judge Serrano to continue with her investigation, without presenting so much as the formal charges for another 2 years (which would make it, at 17 years, the longest criminal investigation in Spanish history).

Likewise, the High Court establishes a prohibition for Vladimir Kokorev and his wife to leave Canary Islands until the hearing, which equals to a de facto unlimited house arrest. If anything else, this most recent decision is a further proof of corporate-like justice structure of Las Palmas and leaves few hopes for a fair and impartial trial of Kokorev and his family.


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