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EU Cohesion Policy: €160 million for the development of water and wastewater infrastructure in Iași County, Romania




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The Commission has approved a contribution of more than €160 million from the Cohesion Fund for larger and better sewage networks in Iași County.

Cohesion and Reforms Commissioner Elisa Ferreira (pictured) said: “This new major project will improve access to water and sewerage in Iași County. It is a concrete example of how Cohesion Policy improves the life of citizens on the ground. The project will enhance public health and the quality of life of the county's population through clean drinking water and adequate collection and treatment of wastewater leading to less pollutants in the soil, groundwater and rivers.”

The project will lay 256 km of main pipes and 312 km of a distribution network for water supply. It will also build 23 water treatment facilities, 43 water storage tanks and 50 pumping stations of which 43 will be located on the network and seven within treatment facilities. Finally, it will construct 230 km of discharge pipes, 536 km of gravity sewers and four new wastewater treatment plants.

This investment will contribute towards Romania's compliance with the EU Urban Wastewater Directive and create jobs, benefitting all social groups in the area.

The full project is expected to be finalised in 2026 and it complements a project funded in 2007-2013 programme period.

The effort is part of a vaster plan to improve water and wastewater infrastructure across Romania and in the Iași County.

For more information on EU-funded projects in Romania, please visit the Cohesion Open Data Platform and the Kohesio platform.


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