Catalans address Juncker and Schultz

Catalan-bannerThe Catalan National Assembly (ANC) is continuing its campaign to make the Catalan cause internationally known. A banner has been unfolded that is addressed to the respective presidents of the European Commission and Parliament, claiming the Catalans’ right to vote on their political future.

“Mr. President, Catalans vote freedom on 9 November.” This was the message sent on 20 July to the respective presidents of the European Parliament and Commission at a rally at the Ebro Delta Natural Park in Catalonia. The aim is to claim the Catalans’ right to freely decide whether they want to become a new independent State in Europe.

A huge 15×30-metre banner was unfurled by more than 500 people, revealing a picture of the face of Jean-Claude Juncker and Martin Schulz – activists wish to inform the international community that on 9 November the Catalans are going to hold a referendum on self-determination. The participants also formed a human ‘V’ for ‘Vote’ and ‘Voluntat’ (‘Will’).

A message to the world

During this summer, besides numerous human “Vs” to be formed all over Catalonia, 10 huge banners are being unfurled with messages addressed to world leaders such as Barack Obama, Jean Claude Juncker, Martin Schulz, Angela Merkel, François Hollande, David Cameron, Matteo Renzi, Ban Ki-moon, Dilma Rousseff, Pope Francis and Fredrik Reinfeldt.


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