#StrongerIn: What impact would Brexit have on the international influence of the EU and UK? – Round table 24 May


Brexit was the main topic of the visit of US President Barack Obama to London last week. He stated that the global influence of both the EU and UK will be affected in a negative way by a potential Brexit. However, He stated that in terms of trade, the EU and other trading blocs will take priority over the UK in the future deals that the US will undertake.

In Europe, according to a recent poll, most Germans think that if a NATO partner were attacked by Russia they would be against offering military help. This poll presents some of the divide within Europe that could escalate in the event of Brexit. The question of unity within the European Union will have to survive a serious test if the UK chooses to leave the Union. The UK itself will have to go through a tougher test to maintain its unity if it chooses to leave the EU. Scotland and Northern Ireland are pro-European countries and they may have to choose between the UK or the EU if Brexit happens.
The Global Diplomatic Forum will organize a round table to address the questions related to the international influence of the UK and EU in the event of Brexit. The round table will take place at the Global Diplomatic Forum in London on 24 May.


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