Emergency calls to #112: More accuracy of caller location

| February 12, 2018 | 0 Comments

The EU celebrated on Sunday, 11 February, the day of the Single European Emergency Number 112. Calling 112 is free of charge in all EU member states thanks to EU legislation that was introduced in 1991.

As announced last year, emergency calls to 112 are increasingly more effective with the introduction of Advanced Mobile Location (AML) service. Every year, around 300,000 people who call the emergency services cannot describe their location, because they may not know where they are, or are too young or too injured to communicate.

In these situations, knowing the exact location of the caller can help emergency services to react quickly and save lives. Calls from mobile phones in countries supporting the Advanced Mobile Location service are expected to send a significantly more accurate caller location information to the emergency service.

This accuracy of Advanced Mobile Location that traces the call within a perimeter of less than 100 metres can help to improve the efficiency and response time of the emergency centres. Seven countries have introduced this service: Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Lithuania and United Kingdom now deploy the Advanced Mobile Location.

More information on the uptake of Advanced Mobile Location service is available here and in the latest 112 implementation report.


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